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A New Day A Fresh Start One Day At A Time, Wed, 15-April-2015, HS.

                                                                                      You Are No Longer Alone.

                                                                                           Welcome To TIMJAS



                                                                  The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek.

                                                                                 The People, The Power, The Program.

                                                                                   We Are Many Many, They Are Few. 

                                                                                   The TIMJAS seed has been Planted.



     And so you feel you have been searching for what seems like all of your adult life for something that could work for you but you still have not found it yet, have you? I recommend you give yourself a break and give TIMJAS a try, it can and will work for you if you want it, one day at a time.

  TIMJAS is a fellowship of men and women who meet in their own homes and other meeting places to share their experience, strength and hope with each other to come to terms, accept and then overcome their common and sometimes not so common problems one day at a time. The only requirements for membership of TIMJAS is a believe that this world and everything, including ourselves, in and around it was and is created by a Loving, Compassionate and All Wise Creator who we of TIMJAS call "JEHOVAH" "He Who Causes To Become" and that he is a loving and forgiving God and also that everyone deserves a second and even a third chance and that no matter what we have done if we turn to JEHOVAH in honest repentance he will forgive us but even if you are unsure about this for just now you are still welcome in the fellowship of TIMJAS and the only other requirement for membership is a believe that the whole Human race is one Humanity and that one day, For all that and all that that man to man the whole world over shall brothers be for all that, There are no dues or fees for TIMJAS membership, we are totally self supporting through our own contributions and we politely but also very firmly decline all outside contributions.

 TIMJAS is not Allied to any sect, denomination, political organisation or instatution. Also TIMJAS does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorsess nor opposses any causes. We rely upon the wisdom and knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions as adopted for our purpose from Alcoholics Anonymous as the principals of our program and as our guide to living healthy and happy lives. Although seperate entities, we should always co-operate with all other twelve-step recovery programs.

As a member of TIMJAS you have the right to respect from any and all of your fellow members whatever your height, skin colour, eye colour, religion or lack of religion, education or lack of education, nationality, housing status, marital status. ability, gender, age, sexuality or sports team especially football team you support, All are welcome in the fellowship of TIMJAS, if you say you are a member of TIMJAS then you are a member of  TIMJAS. We aim to be Anti-Discrimatory in everything we do and say and we should always hope and strive to pass the TIMJAS message to every man woman and child who wants it on this still beautiful planet, one day at a time.  In THE CREATOR JEHOVAH and in each other do we place our trust,  One day we,The Believers, will be many many many and they, the unbelievers, will be few. Our day will come soon. JEHOVAH willing.                  Ronnie,  TIMJAS, The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek which is the saviour of the beaten the fallen and the damned.   Foundation Day was 15-April-2015, Latest input Mon, 27-May-2019, 3.30pm, HS.

IMPORTANT,  None of TIMJAS or RASOB, except The Holy QURAN, is divine revelation YET, they are man made and man is limited in mind, weak in character and mans body perishes in death. Only GOD IS incorruptible, eternal and immortal. Read The Holy Bible JEREMIAH 1 V 4...19 and and also MATTHEW 5...V 5, 8 and 9 and The Holy QURAN surah 5...V 54, 55, 56. I believe divine revelation, perhaps even divinely given sacred scripture, will come when I and the English Speaking Western World are ready for them. We are all in the most highly capable hands of the Creator ALLAH, JEHOVAH, ELOHIM, WAHEGURU, WONDERFUL GOD and HIS plan for humanity is flawless.

To GOD The Glory and The Victory. 

Muhammad. Sun, 23-Dec-2018, 5,30pm, HS.