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5 suggestions to try when you are trying to stop an addiction.

My name is Ronnie and I am an alcoholic and a drug addict in recovery for myself for one day at a time. I have come to believe that addiction is an illness, The Disease of Addiction. The illness is 3 fold, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. I have also come to believe and understand that there is no cure for my illness of Addiction but it can be arrested for one day at a time and the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years one day at a time. For myself, for this day, today, I will not take the first drink of alcohol or the first addictive pill because I have come to believe and understand that it is the very first drink or pill or hit that sets up then leads me into the obsession and then compulsion where one drink, pill,or hit is to many and a thousand is not enough and I am then back in the Squirrel Cage of dependance/Addiction which can and will only lead to Prisons, Institutions and Death unless I go through it all again and try to stop again if you are fortunate enough to get a second chance. I follow the teachings and fellowship of 12 step fellowships and my Higher Power is THE CREATOR JEHOVAH the Compassionate, the Merciful, I am now one day at a time 13 years free of alcohol and  2 years clean and free of all addictive Drugs in fact I now regard myself to be Clean, Happy Sober and Joyously Gamboling Free for this day one day at a time all because I have a Higher Power and the teachings and fellowship of 12 step fellowships and now TIMJAS which I am now laying the foundation of and I very simply do not take the first one which means I cannot get drunk or be under the influence of dependance / addictive Drugs for this JEHOVAH given day for one day at a time, I practice a 12 step recovery program and attend regular meetings and I am now Clean, Happy Sober and Joyously Gamboling Free for one more day at a time. No human power could alleviate my dependance/addiction. The Creator JEHOVAH The One True And Only God could and did alleviate my dependance/addiction may you find him now.

5 suggestions to take on board when you finally become sick of being sick and are hurting enough that you have decided to stop for good this time, well done, what you cannot do THE CREATOR JEHOVAH and you can do.

P A S R G.    Prayer,  Avoidance,  Substitution,  Rememberance,    Gratitude.      P A S R G  the 5 suggestions of  TIMJAS.

Prayer.  When you are hurting enough you will try anything to make the pain go away so why dont you try something that millions upon millions of people get help and strength from and that is the power of Prayer. THE CREATOR JEHOVAH who knows every tiny detail about you because he lovingly created you and he also knows what you are going through in your battle with dependance / addiction and he is just waiting for you to try and make contact with him to ask for his help. You have nothing to loose but the Chains of Addiction and you may well gain a new Clean, Happy Sober and Joyously Gamboling Free Life one day at a time, it,s your choice. What also worked for me was chanting the Hari Krishna mantra it works very well to purify your mind and heart, the next time you see a Hari Krishna devotee ask him or her, KRISHNA is another name for THE CREATOR JEHOVAH.Even if you think no one loves you you can rest assured that OUR CREATOR JEHOVAH loves you, unconditionally.

Avoidance. You are trying to stop something you have been doing for a long time and you now find yourself addicted to it. You must avoid you addiction source as much as possible, You do not have it in your possession or in your home or workplace, if your friends are using and do not wish to stop then you must avoid your friends till the obsession leaves you, you should also stay clear of pubs and clubs, If you are a drug addict or even a gamboling addict do not fall into the trap of supposing it is okay to drink alcohol, many, many addicts have fallen into that trap and then found themselves back on their drug of choice after getting drunk on alcohol. Make no mistake alcohol is a dangerous mind altering drug in its own right, it must be treated with total respect. Total abstanance of all mind altering drugs is the only sure way to beat all addictions one day at a time.

Ronnie,  TIMJAS  The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek.{Tradition 12)  on the 11-June-2018, HS. Spelling Correction Made Wed, May-8-2019, 8.00am, HS.