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Portfolio: Suggestions 3, 4, 5.

P A S R G    Prayer,    Avoidance,     Substitution,       Rememberance,        Gratitude.     P A S R G  The 5 suggestions of  TIMJAS.

Substitution.   Your addiction has been a major part of your daily life and you are still obsessed with it. The obsession will leaves you after being clean for 5 to 10 days abstinance, the trick is not to think you are stopping for the rest of your life, Keep it in the day for one day at a time, you are only stopping for one day at a time, that is till you get to you bed tonight. Keep yourself busy, polish your shoes, clean your home go out for a long walk, go to 12 STEP FELLOWSHIPS use the phone to these groups start an TIMJAS meeting in your home, use all the tools at your disposal, pray to your new higher power THE CREATOR JEHOVAH and if you dont believe then fake it till you can make it, he is right beside you and will help you get through it, if you cant do it for a day break your day down to hours or minutes, you can do this a new life awaits you, remember it is just till you get to bed tonight, tommorow will take care of itself, What you cant do THE CREATOR JEHOVAH and you can do.

Rememberance.  Always remember the bad times you had with yor habit, the broken homes, the broken relationships , the hospitals , the prisons the thieving and other crimes you did to feed your habit, say to yourself, and mean it, that you are not going down that steep slippery slope any more, Today is a new day, you are no longer alone you have the fellowship of TIMJAS and other 12 step groups and most important you now have a higher power in your life OUR CREATOR JEHOVAH, the merciful the compassionate. It is only till you get to your bed tonight, you can do it with JEHOVAHS help, ONE DAY AT A TIME,and if you cannot do it for a day break you day down to hours or  minutes even,  KEEP ON KEEPING ON, ONE DAY AT A TIME, YOU AND JEHOVAH AND THE 5 SUGGESTIONS AND TEACHINGS and fellowship of TIMJAS and if you like other 12 step groups you can do this, use all the tools you have available to you and WHAT YOU CANNOT DO JEHOVAH AND YOU CAN DO ODAAT, one day at a time the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years one day at a time.

GRATITUDE. After the first few days or slightly more you will be feeling better, You will be sleeping better and your appetite will be returning, The trick is now to develop a sense of GRATITUDE for what is now returning to your life and also for what is no longer in your life, the shakes, the trembling, and all the other horrors of addiction and withdrawals that are now leaving you. You are not a bad person you are a sick person who is suffering from the disease of addiction and you are now getting better and more able to cope with life ONE DAY AT A TIME, Put your little hand in the strong loving hand of THE CREATOR JEHOVAH and make your mind up that you will soon be Clean, Happy Sober and Joyously Gambolling Free, One Day At A Time.     Ronnie,  TIMJAS. The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek, (Remember Tradition 12).  Mon, 16-Sept-2019, 2.30am, HS. Muhammad. Spelling corection made Tue, Nov-12-2019, 10.00pm, HS. I am reading the 5 Suggestions again, not because I need to, I am still Clean and Happy Sober ODAAT, I hope and pray that a lot of young and also not so young people got and also get help and support and also find a GOD by reading these pages, I did not make any of this up in my head, it is all the things I have learned in The University Of Life. Good Bye For Just Now, Handsome Muhammad. Tue, Nov-12-2019, 10.30pm, HS. ALLAH/JEHOVAH AKBAR.