ART for the Masses, ART for the People.

Portfolio: The Basics 1.

Lets start at the very beginning it,s a very good place to start.


TIMJAS is not a religion and it does not want to convert people, it neither endorses nor opposses any causes our primary purpose is to learn to live our lifes as happily and as decently as possible with a new found faith in a God of our own understanding who we of TIMJAS call JEHOVAH HE Who Causes To Become, THE CREATOR. HE is our Higher Power.  TIMJAS is here to help those who seek THE CREATOR JEHOVAHS help to obtain a better / good life one day at a time.

Men fight like animals to inflict their religion on all others but themselves, So much so that they wish to administer all human affairs under religious codes of some laws based on bigotry and prejudice, Laws that sentence saints of other persuasions to inprisonment or death are called "devine religious laws". Others issue other kinds of mad dictates, numerous foolish do,s and donts, Some consider a particular diet religious and others irreligious, In the writtings and teachings of TIMJAS is the elimination of all wayside viewpoints of truth, all other so called God,s and Goddesses have been dropped and in their place is a belief in the one true God THE CREATOR JEHOVAH The All Wise , HE Who Causes To Become, in the further belief that HE created each and every single one of us and HE knowes every tiny detail about each and every single one of us and HE only wishes ALL of us well, HE created you do you think HE wants to see any of us suffer then die and then go to Hell, think think think about it, HE loves us ALL with an unconditional FATHERS love. As we each go along our individual  some times happy and some times sad some times hard some times easy pathway of life we should have the firm belief that our loved ones who have died and moved on before us are waiting for us in Paradise till the THE CREATOR JEHOVAHS chosen day we join them, Every day is a school day and we are ALL just only  passing through one day at a time to go to THE CREATOR  JEHOVAH knowes where.  Free At Last, Free At Last GREAT GOD JEHOVAH THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR Free At Last.

A TIMJAS member can say, when asked about TIMJAS, that he or she is a student a Pure meek student studying for a better / good life one day at a time and is also a seeker of the truth one day at a time.

A Pure meek student (1) makes his or her living honestly, (2)  thinks about the many virtues of THE CREATOR JEHOVAH as often as he or she can and  (3) shares part of what he or she has with people who are in need, wether it be love, understanding or food and material wealth and should stand by the motto "Welfare unto all",  they should also offer their work up to THE CREATOR JEHOVAH so that work becomes a form of worship one day at a time.

A Pure meek student looks first at what is being said and not at who is saying it and always puts principals before personalities.

A Pure meek student believes that beauty is truth and truth is beauty and that truth is the basic foundation of all the other virtues, beauty is truth and truth is beauty but better still is truthful living one day at a time.

A Pure meek student believes in THE CREATOR JEHOVAH The All Wise, HE Who Causes To Become and the meek student just gets on with his or her life one day at a time in the belief that each new day is a chance to begin again, a fresh start in the further belief that yesterday is past and it is what I do today that makes my tomorrow, one day at a time.

A Pure meek student on wakening in the morning always tries to give THE CREATOR JEHOVAH his or her first thoughts and asks HIM for courage, cheerfullness and a quite mind in the new day ahead in the knowing that the source of all strength lies in the quite mind, THE CREATOR JEHOVAH.      Ronnie,  TIMJAS, The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek, {Tradition 12), which is the saviour of the beaten, the fallen and the damned one day at a time.   Wed, 30-Aug-2017, 9.15pm, HS,