ART for the Masses, ART for the People.

Portfolio: 9 Pure Beauties.

Doo Ray Me Me Fa So La Te Doo.

(PB 1)    A pure meek student believes in, loves and worships The Creator JEHOVAH The Compassionate, The Merciful and Great Forgiver in his or hers own choosen and personal way, one day at a time but he or she should attend at the very least one TIMJAS meeting a week as well other 12 Step Fellowships if needs be. You could also try to have individual spontaneous meetings wherever and whenever you think they are needed, one day at a time. 

(PB 2)    A Pure meek student completes and practices the 12 steps of TIMJAS in their daily life when he or she feels they are ready but they should also believe and understand that the sooner he or she completes and applies them in their lifes the sooner they will reap the benifits in their lives, He or she also applies the applications and teaching of the 12 Traditions wherever and whenever needs be. one day at a time.

(PB 3)    A Pure meek student chants the Hari Krishna Mantra for 16 rounds of 108 times every day without fail or as many times he or she feels comfortable with to start with, one day at a time.

(PB 4)    A Pure meek student does not cut, trim, shave or pluck any of his or her body hair because they believe a humans hair is a gift from the creator JEHOVAH the All Wise and it has a purpose. Why should hair grow if GOD had meant it to be cut off ?

(PB 5)    A Pure meek student does not eat meat, fish or eggs, This is to increase compassion, mercy and non violence in him or her self. one day at a time.

(PB 6)    A Pure meek student does not smoke or take intoxicants,  This is to acheive mental and physical clarity and focus and it develops the determination for spiritual practice. one day at a time.

(PB 7)    A Pure meek student does not practice Gamboling, This is to increase truthfulness and decreases anxiety, greed, envy and anger. one day at a time.

(PB 8)    A Pure meek student does not practice illicit sex (sex outside of marriage or not meant for the procreation of JEHOVAH conscious children). To decrease bodily identification and increase physical and mental cleanliness and so the male does not loose or waste any of his Original Essence, (sperm) which is necessary for his mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

(PB 9)    A Pure meek student after careful consideration may wish to become registered members of TIMJAS, a member of The KALSA  (Soldier/Saints of JEHOVAH},  JEHOVAHS Anonymous Elite No 9s Club,  JEHOVAHS Army,  The Army of GOD.  Men and Women who dedicate their lives to the love of The Creator JEHOVAH and selfless service to humanity in their individual communities or anywhere else in the world wherever the need is there one day at a time, they can be called Members of The KALSA,  (Soldier/Saints of JEHOVAH),  JEHOVAHS Anonymous Elite No 9s Club,  JEHOVAHS Army,  The Army Of GOD.

When most of us look at The 9 Pure Beauties of TIMJAS for the first time we say to ourselves My God JEHOVAH I cannot acheive or fully put into practice all of these 9 Pure Beauties of TIMJAS it is impossible. That is all right because there are very few saints in this world. You should take what you want, like and need out of TIMJAS and The 9 Pure Beauties and just put the rest aside for another day but a Pure meek student who follows and applies 1 - 8 Pure Beauties in his or her life one day at a time will earn the title off A New Lesser No 1 Pure Beauty Of A Pure meek Student and anyone who follows and applies all 9 Pure Beauties in his or her lifes will earn the Title of A New Greater No 1 Pure Beauty Of A Pure Meek Student these titles do not mean that he or she is any better than any of his or hers fellow TIMJAS members as we should and need to consider ourselves as all equal, it just means that he or she has climbed further up the Spiritual Mountain of this Life which we are all or should be all climbing back to the Godhead The Creator JEHOVAH The All Wise and Great Forgiver.  Ronnie,  TIMJAS. The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek. Tue, 21-Nov-2017, 9.00pm, HS.