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Portfolio: (PB 6) Booze/Drugs.

Who does not want real lasting harmony and peace.

The eternal question, " Why are we here?".

You are here to learn to know JEHOVAH, to love JEHOVAH and to serve JEHOVAH your creator, that is the only reason why JEHOVAH created you and JEHOVAH willing by his Grace you get to see/meet JEHOVAH in this life.

Deep down inside, man seeks eternal happiness. However, most people do not understand whence comes this happiness, Happiness is a state of harmony and peace within, harmony means free from disagreement and ill-feelings. When there is total harmony in life, man experiences peace, joy and bliss. In such a state of existance, man has no desires, because he has what he really seeks.

Alcohol and other intoxicants dull man,s senses, those who make a choice in favour of the pleasures derived from drinking alcohol and taking other intoxicants are not making the choice towards attaining a lasting state of peace, harmony and bliss.

Booze and drugs lead you away from your Higher self, Harmony, good will, right, truth, justice and lead you into the selfish, self centred animal urges and tendencies, the lower self, which become stronger and stronger the more you indulge in booze and drugs and you are entrapped in life sapping sensual pleasures and you keep sinking into the lower states of awareness and consciousness away from your creator and the reasons why he created you, to learn to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him and JEHOVAH willing by his Grace for you to have union with him in this life,the stream joining the ocean, the Spark re-entering the Flame.

The Holy QURAN, Surah 5 v91.  Satan,s plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants and gamboling, and hinder you from rememberance of ALLAH, and from prayer:Will you not then abstain?

I will be adding more to this page at a later date, I hope it did not come across to you as a "Holy Rant".

Good bye for now from Ronnie,   TIMJAS. The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek,{ Tradition 12}. Fri, 19-July-2019, 6.15am,,HS.