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Portfolio: (PB 4) Hair.

Always keep it simple

Why do people cut and style their hair? There must be some strong motivating factors explaining why man has become used to cutting hair even when there is no need to do so. otherwise why would such a large percentage of human beings cut, shave, or remove their hair by various methods from many parts of their body. The motivation factors are 1) acceptance by society. 2) for comfort. 3) For attracting others.

1) Some people cut their hair to be accepted in society. For social acceptance, people continue an activity, even though it may be wrong, irrational, or painful. They will not question it as long as they gain society,s appreciation. First some people set a standard of what is acceptable and in due course this becomes a social norm. People simply follow what others do. Why should hair grow if GOD had meant it to be cut off ?

2) Some people cut and style their hair for comfort but  where is the comfort in plucking one,s eyebrows, waxing and shaving one,s legs and armpits? Where is the comfort in shaving one,s beard every morning?

3) Some people cut, pluck, shave and wax their hair to attract others, People think that the hairstyle and fashions make them more beautiful and attractive, Actually, the natural is more beautiful.

Hair is as much a gift from JEHOVAH as any other part of the body. Due to his ignorance, man does not realize it,s importance. JEHOVAH knows best why he gave human beings long hair on their heads. No other creature has as long hair on its head as humans do. The reason behind giving such long hair to human beings is to protect the brain, which is the most vital and sensitive organ of human beings. JEHOVAH has also given the male of the species a beard to protect his mouth, jaw and throat area against physical attack, cold, heat and also for his adornment, ie the mighty Lion, also most of our vitimin D intake comes from our hair, it also also protects the Throat Chakra area in the male also hair is made from the Protein you get from your food and so constantly cutting and shaving your hair uses up all your protein to constantly regrow your hair because cut hair grows a lot faster than uncut hair and this uses up your protein which should be used by your body to maintain and strengthen your bones especially your teeth. I see a lot of young mums in the street with young children with really short hair and I often wonder what kind of condition is the childrens growing bones and teeth in.

Those who shave, trim, or remove their hair do so because of their weakness of either desire for lust, comfort, acceptance by others or a combination of all these factors. Those who abide by JEHOVAHS will do not cut or remove their hair from any part of their body because hair is a gift from JEHOVAH The Creator and it has a purpose.

I have been growing and not cutting or shaving any of my body hair for over a year now and so I have started to tie my hair at the back and I wear a turban because I believe that is what JEHOVAH wants me to do and I also comb and brush my hair at least twice a day, Individual TIMJAS members who practice (PB 4) or even those members who do not practice (PB 4) could start to wear a standard black cap or bunnet, females could wear a white one if they should so wish, there are no do,s and dont,s in TIMJAS it is a simple spiritual not religous program for a better more manageable and happier life and you should just take what you like, need and want out of TIMJAS and just put the rest aside for another day. Remember no one is twisting your arm up your back or holding a sharp knife to your delicate throat, it is your life and your soul not mine. One day, we the believers will be many, many, many and they the unbelievers will be few.

A good book on a lot of the PB stuff is "BRAIN WASHING" Washing Off Society,s Specious Values,  by a Dr Santokh Singh, ISBN; 1-895471-20-6, I highly recomend this beauty of a book on how to handle all the failings of modern day living here in the west.

Remember Keep It Simple and Keep On Keeping On Keeping On One Day At A Time, In JEHOVAH and each other do we place our trust.

Good bye for now, Muhammad,  TIMJAS, The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek,  Sun, 26-Mar-2017, 5.00 am, HS. Spelling Correction Mon, 13-May-2019, 11.45am, HS. Muhammad.