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Portfolio: (PB 5) Veggies.

Veggies are the best.

People who eat meat do so because they have been brought up in a society where the diet is meat based. They have been desensitized to the fact that what is lying on their plate was actually a living creature. In the supermarket the meat is cut into small pieces or even minced, once it is cooked it is transformed in such a way that nothing would betray to a small child that what he is eating was once a living animal. Over a period of time children develop a taste for meat. When they grow up they rationalize that they eat meat and eggs because it meets their nutritional requirements. People eat meat to gratify their sensual pleasure of taste.

Animals have the same soul and feelings as human beings have, they also feel the same pain. For the sake of taste human beings kill and eat animals. If you visit a slaughter House you will see the bloodshed and pain caused to animals, If you want to know just how much animals suffer in the slaughter House just get a knife and pierce any part of your body. They are the same as us, they have two eyes, they see so do you, they have two ears they hear so do you, they have all the senses we have, they even procreate the same as us and they show love to their offspring, give it a thought the next time you eat meat.

Muhammad Ali,   TIMJAS, The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek,{ Tradition 12 }  Wed 1-July-2015, 9.30am, HS.

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