ART for the Masses, ART for the People.

Portfolio: The Basics 2.

It,s as easy as Doe Ray Me.

T 1, Beauty is truth and truth is beauty but better still is truthful living, truth is the basic foundation of all the other virtues like honesty, kindness, patience, etc, THE CREATOR  JEHOVAH is all truth, By saying this we make THE CREATOR JEHOVAH a standard by which men and women can judge their actions and their behaviour, If THE CREATOR JEHOVAH is all truth then to  behave in an untruthful manner would be against GOD JEHOVAH OUR CREATOR.  Behaving in an untruthful manner includes telling lies, stealing, being dishonest in our conduct and doing unjust  things that hurt other people.    Adapted from the teachings of Guru Nanak the founder of the Sikh Religion.

T 2, To wish another person harm does nobody any good, so why do something that does nobody any good let The All Wise JEHOVAH The Great Forgiver be The Judge as HE most surely will be in the end, to err is human and to forgive is divine, it is only through forgiveness that one can truly be forgiven also when you meet another person especially when you meet another person for the first time you should say in to yourself  "I WISH YOU NO HARM, I WISH YOU NO HARM" the real enemy is not out there waiting to attack you the real enemy is inside you in your heart and mind in the shape of ANGER, FEAR, HATE. Thoughts of ANGER, FEAR, HATE are the source of all suffering, conflict, war in this world and thoughts of LUST, ANGER, GREED are the 3 Gates To Hell. Those who sow poison and expect to reap nectar are doing no Justice to their hearts, minds, bodies, spirits and souls in this life and in the hereafter. The day of Judgement, The day of Regret will come, sooner or later it will come for everyone of us, we will all be Judged individually for all of our good deeds and for all of our bad deeds that we have done throughout our individual lives.

The GOD of TIMJAS is The Creator JEHOVAH He Who Causes To Become, The Compassionate The Merciful, Creator and Lord Of All Of The 7 Universes and also The Creator and Mighty ZAR of The Ever Bright Land of Perpetual White Light which I have once been in, HE is also The Creator Of Everything Seen And Unseen and there is not a Man, Woman or Child on this still beautiful planet who cannot get The Creator JEHOVAH,S forgiveness, sustenance, love, help and redemption if he or she would only turns to HIM in honest, sincere repentance before it is to late. We are all equal children of The Creator JEHOVAH, there is a reflection of HIS Spirit in everyone of us, all Peoples are HIS Creation, no one is inferior or superior (Good or Bad). The Creator JEHOVAH dwells in the heart of every human being, we are all made in his image, the Light of GOD is in every one of us. our individual souls soul is JEHOVAH. I say this to all of the many peoples of the english speaking Western World especially the english speaking Western Worlds Ruling Elite or am I still preaching to the Damned again, JEHOVAH Willing I am not, TIMJAS is for all the many people who do not want to practice a formal religion but they would like to have a GOD of their own understanding in their life to guide them to a happier and more worthwhile life one day at a time now and in the hereafter. TIMJAS is not a religion and it does not want to convert anybody,  TIMJAS neither endorses nor opposes any causes, a TIMJAS member can follow or not follow any religion or political party he or she likes, our primary purpose is to learn to live our lives as happily and as decently as possible with our new found faith in a GOD of our own understanding who we of TIMJAS call JEHOVAH The Creator and Great Forgiver may you find HIM now.      Ronnie.

T 3, Man, why do you think less of woman when Prophets and Kings come from woman.       Ronnie.

T 4, Hopefully you have become a member of TIMJAS because you where unhappy with your life and the way it was going and you now feel better for having joined. All are welcome in TIMJAS and it does not matter the who why and what you have done in your past, Today is a new day and OUR CREATOR  JEHOVAH, ALLAH, WAHEGURU LOVES US ALL and ALWAYS HAS LOVED US ALL unconditionally, We are all, individually, HIS unique and in HIS eyes beautiful Creation. You, YES YOU, are most welcome in TIMJAS,     Ronnie.

T 5, To all Believers, one day we will be many, many, many and they the unbelievers, will be few,  be sure and be strong, THE CREATOR JEHOVAH, ALLAH, WAHEGURU is with us and I am most sure TIMJAS has BUDDHA,S, JESUS,S, MUHAMMAD,S and NANAK,S blessings as well (PBUT).     Ronnie.

I will be adding more to this page over the coming weeks, months, years if needs be.  Some times Patiance can indeed be bitter but it,s fruit is always truly sweet.      Ronnie.

 Ronnie,  TIMJAS The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek which is the Saviour of The beaten, The fallen and The damned one day at a time.  Mon, 29-Oct-2019, 6.00am, HS.