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TIMJAS is a society or fellowship of men and woman who meet in their own homes and other places to share their individual experience. strength and hope with each other so that they can come to terms, accept and then overcome their common and some times not so common problems of life. Our primary purpose is to learn to live our lifes as happily and as decently as possible with the help of our new found faith in a God of our own understanding who we of TIMJAS call  JEHOVAH He Who Causes To Become The All Wise CREATOR and the application and the wisdom of the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of TIMJAS and other teachings. There are no dues or fees for TIMJAS membership we are totally self supporting through our own contrabutions and we politely but very firmly decline all outside contrabutions. If you say you are a member of TIMJAS then you are a member of TIMJAS, All are welcome in TIMJAS even you YES YOU.

TIMJAS is  NOT a Religion and it does not want to convert anybody a TIMJAS member can follow or not follow any religion he or she likes, TIMJAS is a spiritual not religious programme/fellowship, we are individually and collectively asking the God of our own understanding JEHOVAH The ALL WISE CREATOR to help us overcome our common and some times not so common problems one day at a time and to guide us to a better way of life one day at a time.  In THE CREATOR JEHOVAH and each other do we place our trust one day at a time.

The word Religion means the Formal worship of a God, If you go to or are a member of a church, chapel, mosque, synagogue or temple and attend it for a service then you are following a Religion, The formal worship of a god.

The word Spiritual means to relate to a persons beliefs as opposed to his or hers physical or material wants and needs, If you belief that this world and every thing in and around it, including ourselfs was created and is controlled by God THE CREATOR JEHOVAH or any other name you choose to call him, The ALL WISE CREATOR then you are a Spiritual person.

The word society means an organized group of people sharing a common aim or interest.

The word fellowship means the state of sharing mutual interests or activities, a society of people sharing mutual interests or activities.

JEHOVAH The Compassionate The Merciful, THE ALL WISE CREATOR is a non sectarian God. ALL are welcome in TIMJAS,

Very Important. TIMJAS does not belong to any individual country and it is also Stateless, The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek.  Also TIMJAS should not and must not have an overall decision making individual leader,  Each individual city and country should have their own democratically elected Service Commitee and overall there will be a World Service Commitee that will be put in place, democratically, to serve and organise, The Service Commitee,s are to be considered Trusted Servants they do not govern and they should come up for renewal every 5 years or so.  Let Us We Of The Fellowship Of TIMJAS, THE CREATOR JEHOVAH Willing, Feed The World One Day At A Time but also always remember Tradition 6 and may TIMJAS one day at a time over the coming days, weeks, months and years grow into a Pacific, Peace for all  Loving, Freedom for all Loving, Harmony for all Loving, Non Violence for all loving, Anti War for all loving, Non Political, Non Religeous, THE CREATOR JEHOVAH Loving egalitarian fellowship/society of international, multi national, multi racial, multi ethnic men, woman and children who are always ready to uphold the sanctity of Humankind and to defend the rights and the wellbeing of the poor and needy against tyranny and persecution anywhere on this still beautiful planet. To THE CREATOR JEHOVAH The Glory and The Victory. A mans a man for aw that and who in this world does not want peace, love, understanding, harmony and THE CREATOR JEHOVAHS justice and will for ALL humanity one day at a time only The Evil Satan the enemy of ALL mankind but as The Holy Prophet Jesus (PBUH) said,  Blessed are The Meek for they will inherit the earth. The Holy Bible, NT, Matthew 5: 5.  Also read The Holy Quran, Surah 5....V 54, 55, 56. Try and read these out of the authentic Books and translations and not on the Internet where they have been much altered and omitted by, I believe, the forces of the establishment and satan or maybe just the satanic establishment.

Ronnie,  TIMJAS. The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek, { Traditions 1, 6 and 12 } which is the saviour of the beaten, the fallen and the damned one day at a time.  Wed, 11-Apr-2018, 6.00am, HS,