First to start with, all of TIMJAS is up to, including today, is all that I have learned and hopefully understood of things JEHOVAH The cause off all causes has put me through in my life especially over the last 30 or so years, I find myself today nearly 62 years young and for my sex conduct I do my best to follow the teachings of the holy scriptures of the religions I follow today especially the Hari Krishnas "Bhagavad-gita As It Is" and now the Sikhs Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the muslims HOLY QURAN which is the direct words of THE CREATOR ALLAH, JEHOVAH.  What I do understand about THE CREATOR is that HE does not like us to have pre marital sex, fornicator was the exact word he used when HE spoke to me one night back in March 2010, I will not go in to the details of it here but I believe it displeases and saddens HIM greatly. Hopefully through time JEHOVAH The All Wise will reveal to me what HE would like for me to say further about the very taboo subject of sex, My experience tells me that any word, action or deed motivated by love cannot hurt another person mentally, physically or spiritually that includes ourselves, true love begins  with self love, we should be kind to ourselves, we all make mistakes and from these mistakes we should learn from them and then grow into a better man or woman, as members of TIMJAS we are all equal and we learn from sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other and complete and practice the 12 Steps of TIMJAS to become happier and better men and woman in the knowing that the one true and only GOD JEHOVAH loves us and cares for us and will never ever leave us.  In JEHOVAH and each other do we place our trust. 1} Sexual desire is insaitable or it ends in tears even in heaven,  Buddha 500 BC. 2} Pleasures waste us away and vain is all indulgence as are the deeds of sin, Holy Granth, Mara M1 P1014,  I hope this is helpful to you especially to any young people reading this.   Ronnie.

All males should think carefully before they waste any of their original essence (sperm) it has an important purpose, It should only be used to create new life, babies, If you conserve it in your body it is secreted into you bone marrow and this enriches and helps the bone marrow produce more red blood cells and this enters the blood stream and enriches and nourishes your brain and other muscles and this helps you think better and calmer and you also perform physical tasks better and easier, If you find it hard not to waste any of you sperm it could be that you are touching yourself too much, The Hari Krishna book "Bhagavad-gita As It Is" teaches that the male and female sex organs have a pleasure coating on them and when they are touched this give you pleasure and you then find it difficult not to proceed to climax, The trick is to touch your sex parts as little as possible unless it is for the purpose of cleanliness, toilitary or procreation and also to strongly avoid pornographic imagery it is addictive and it only serves to corrupt the highly susceptible and also highly responsive minds of our youth and older people and ultimately it does nobody any good except to make the rich Godless or satanic Porn Sellers even richer it is a Multi million pound/dollar industry and it is subtly and most times not so subtly bombarding us from all sides. SEX Sells such is the power of advertising in the west and so it is not going to go away. If at this time you find yourself addicted to wasting your original essence (sperm) or that and Porn you should take it ONE DAY AT A TIME and apply the 5 suggestions of TIMJAS and chant the Hari Krishna Chant to purify your heart and mind. The obsession and compulsion will leave you after 5 to 10 days abstinence. What you cannot do JEHOVAH and you can do. Think Think Think about it you are only making the rich Godless or satanic Porn Sellers even richer and you are constantly loosing something from yourself.

The chinese believe there is 3 pathways that Chi energy can take The Fire Path, The Wind Path and most importantly The Water Path, The Water Path circulates the Chi energy through the bone marrow, nourishing the brain and energizing the spirit, this allows the mind to adjust the Chi energy levels in the organs and other parts of the body, Water Chi energy is created from original essence (sperm) which is able to cool and calm the body down, The mind becomes clear, neutral and central, Water Chi energy supports the wisdom part of the body, The way I look at it is that The Evil Satan The Enemy of ALL Mankind wants us to waste our original essence (sperm). He does not like to see us at our best and happiest because that is when he and his many followers, male and female, finds it most difficult to trap us and make us join them or ruin or just murder us. Judgement Day the Day of Retribution the Day of Regret is coming.  I hope all of this has been helpful,

Ronnie,   TIMJAS The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek.{ Tradition 12 },  Sun 26-June-2017, HS. Spelling Corrections Made Wed, May-8-2019, 9.00am and Mon, 13-May-2019, 12.00MD, HS. Muhammad.