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It comes to us all rich and poor, black, brown, yellow and white.

Today I wish to mention the subject of dying, death and where you go to after you die. This is my own personal interpretation of the subject. In my lifetime up to now, today, 5 members of my close family have died and moved ahead to the spirit world, my Dad William {1983}, sister Margo {1988}, brother James {1997}, another sister Alice {2009} and my mum Moira {Mary} {2010}. I have been in contact and spoke separately and individually with all 5 of them in Dreams and also my brother James has appeared twice and spoke with me once in the flesh {2000 and 2005}. All the 5 members of my close family who have died are all in their most favorite place, wearing their most favorite clothes and they appeared to be doing the thing that made them happiest at the age they where happiest when they where here in this world. I will not go into the details of my individual conversations with all 5 of them but I would like to tell you about my spirit contact with my elder sister Margo who died in 1988 at 39 years old, this experience took place about 2 years ago one night in a dream. One night I was sleeping and I found myself in a place, it was not an inside place or an outside place it was just a place, anyway I saw someone walking towards me and when they got close I saw it was my sister Margo, we greeted each other and then we spoke about the past, we spoke for a few minutes and then I asked her to go to our right and sit down, Margo then said no Ronnie you can go and sit over there I will go and sit over here, she pointed to her left, I said okay and then started to walk to my right and then all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by RANGERS SUPPORTERS !!! , they all had blue Rangers tops with scarfs on and they all seemed really happy to see me and they all wanted to clap me on the back and shake my hand, after a minute or two we all went and sat down on a bench seat, it was then I started to look round myself and I saw that I was sitting in the front row of a huge Football stadium stand, I looked behind me and there where thousands of seated Rangers fans and then I looked to my right and across from us was seated thousands of Celtic supporters and the only thing which seperated the two lots of fans was a staircase right up the centre of the stand, I looked across at the celtic side and I saw my sister Margo who was now wearing a green and white hooped cashmere sweater and she was seated beside a big handsome blonde headed man in a white shirt and seated in between them was a young girl of about 6 years old wearing a celtic top. There was a buzz about the stadium as if the match was about to start and it was then the dream ended.

I believe that when we die we go and meet with JEHOVAH OUR CREATOR and he has a talk with us about our individual lives, THE CREATOR JEHOVAH is kind,THE CREATOR JEHOVAH is good, THE CREATOR JEHOVAH is forgiving and he only wants to see all of us, HIS CREATION, happy in this life and the next.

HE who created the world knowes alone what is to become of us Hereafter.   The Holy Granth Shaloka M1 P 466.

Ronnie Sat, 21-Jan-2017, HS. Always remember Tradition 1, 6 and 12 of TIMJAS.