ART for the Masses, ART for the People.

Portfolio: (PB 9) The KALSA.

JEHOVAH,s Anonymous Elite No 9,s Club.

JEHOVAHS Army.  The Army Of GOD.

I would like to see a secure Data Base set up so that any member of TIMJAS who has given careful consideration to it can become a registered member of The KALSA,  (Soldier/Saints of JEHOVAH),  JEHOVAHS Anonymous Elite No 9s Club,  JEHOVAHS Army,  The Army Of GOD.

The only requirement for Membership of The KALSA is that after careful consideration you dedicate your life to the Love of The Creator JEHOVAH and selfless service to Humanity ever ready to help the poor, the weak, the infirm and the destitute of their local and wider communities against cold, hunger, starvation, tyranny, oppression, persecution, brutality, torture and covert genocide by Satanic led countries and states no matter their race, politics or religion. To The Great and Mighty JEHOVAH The All Wise All Glory and All Victory one day at a time.

Ronnie,  TIMJAS, The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek, July 2017, HS.

  It is early days yet and I have only recently thought up ( PB 9 ) The KALSA but I would like to see anyone interested in joining the KALSA to go along to their local SIKH GURDWARA and also go on the Internet and study The KHALSA which was founded on the 13-April-1699 by the SIKH GURU GOBIND SINGH, my birthday (1954) and TIMJAS foundation day (2015) are also on the 13th April. I do not know what The Creator JEHOVAH,S plan is for The KALSA  but I know the plan will unfold one day at a time in the future. There is a lot of evil in this world and once all the talking, diplomacy and forgiving has been tried then JEHOVAHS mighty Sword of Justice and Righteousness must be lifted and used against the forces of evil, tyranny and oppression until they are defeated. The spawn of satan are everywhere but we are many, many, many and therefore they are few and JEHOVAH is on our side. The British State and also all the other english speaking western states are murdering all the homeless people, all the Drug Addicts, all of the old age penshioners and most of the other underclasses. they burn the Dead Bodies in the Gas Fired Incinerators that are in every city and large town, countless millions have been murdered since the early 1980,s, where do you think all the many, many, many poor people went to and also where do you think you go to when you can no longer afford to pay your household bills, they either let you starve to death or they murder you or if they see any potential in you, that is if they can use you to further satanism, which on the outside is a thin veneer, a thin covering of righteous respectability and on the inside is a satanic web of gross hedonistic filth and nihilistic cold blooded murderous corruption, you are asked to join them, you become a satanist, you swear your soul to satan, you become one of the many, many walking damned. It is covert mass Genocide, a crime against Humanity and the evil satan, the rich, the ruling elite and many of the dark eyed race and even some of the iris race, their souls are bought and sold for satans gold, are behind it all.         Ronnie, TIMJAS The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek which is the saviour of the beaten, the fallen and the damned one day at a time. Mon, 28-Aug-2017, 6.00am HS. Additions and Spelling Correction Made Wed, May-8-2019, 9.00am and Mon, 13-May-2019, 12.30pm, HS,  Muhammad.