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Portfolio: Ronnies Story, P5.


2004/05,  it was during that time I had a consultant psychiatrist called Dr Peter Bennie, Dr Bennie once took me into a darkened interview room with no camera on and aggressively told me that I should learn to keep my big mouth shut and that I was going nowhere until he said so I then burst out of the darkened interview room and accused Dr Bennie of sexual misconduct it was his word against my word, there was an inquiry and I, unforgivable but he that cannot forgive does not deserve to be forgiven, even made a signed statement and reported Dr Bennie, over the telephone to the Police but it was all white washed over and swept under the carpet, it is in the past but I now know by my actions that day I made a lot of enemies for myself in those who work in the Mental Health System and the wider community.  It was the same Dr Peter Bennie who, under the orders of a much higher up authority, once sent 3 male psychiatric nurses from Parkhead Hospital in Glasgow Scotland down to Manchester Sheriff Court England to get me and bring me back up to Glasgow because I was due to be seen that day by a Manchester consultant psychiatrist who would have without doubt ascertained that there was nothing much wrong with my mental health then and now but the one thing that was wrong with my mind back then in Manchester is that I was going through acute withdrawals from having no Diazipam tablets, I had been in hospital for many months and I was on, I think, 12 mgs of Diazipam a day and also the food in all these Hospitals especially the IPCU,s is all saturated with covert medication, this is illegal but it is happening non the less in all our Hospitals, Care Homes and Prisons, a lot of the cooked medicated food comes from a huge food processing factory in Wales, production line stuff is it not,as if we are all just numbers that must be pacified and slotted into the right box. Anyway I had been given time out from hospital and I just jumped on the train down to England for a short holiday without taking any medication with me and I eventually got involved with the Police but I believe that was because The Creator JEHOVAH wanted me to see the prison system in Manchester. Manchester Prison is huge and the prisoners are cramped in also you will never get another rooftop prison riot again such is the security now, anyway again I was brought back up to Glasgow at 110mph and flashing red lights, no kidding, I settled quickly into the ward routine and after a week or two I got time out but I was very unhappy with my situation and felt that I was totally surounded by anger, fear, hate filled people and I could see no prospects of getting home to my mums house for quite some time. One afternoon I went round and tried to speak to the people in Parkhead Citizens Advice to see if they could help me, I got nowhere with them and as I was leaving the Citizens Advice office I spotted a large piece of masonary just lying on the pavement and so I decided then and there I would pick it up and throw it through the Citizen Advice window and just wait for the Police to come and arrest me and then charge me with criminal damage and then I would be sent to Barlinne Prison and I would be away from Parkhead Hospital which I had spent what seemed like years in. I did just that and then I waited over an hour for the Police to arrive and when they did they just took me back to Parkhead Hospital, a week or two later the incident with Dr Bennie happened and after that I just sat in the ward saying in a not to loud voice "Dr Bennie wants to bugger me" over and over again like a mantra the nursing staff did everything they could to shut me up they carried me to my bed and injected me with drugs and threatened me with all sorts but I would not be shut up so they transfered me back up to the IPCU in Stobhill Hospital where they held me for many months and eventually a woman Doctor sat me down and told me that I was not welcome back in Parkhead Hospital or the Arran centre and I would have to remain in the IPCU indefinitely or I could move my care and treatment over to the West End where I had a small flat, I protested that I lived with my elderly mother in the East End and had done so since 1985 and also that there was nothing wrong with my mental Health but the woman Doctor just said West End or here Mr Hart and so I had to agree to what she had suggested and I left the IPCU in Stobhill Hospital that very day and moved to my tiny small cold and damp flat in the West end of Glasgow and then the next day I attended Riverside Mental Health Resource Centre in Partick to meet my new Consultant Psychiatrist a Dr Euan Easton who told me on that first meeting that he was a friend of Dr Bennie and that he was increasing my medication, Clopixol, to maximum dose and my new CPN Graham Gold gave me the injection on my left buttock very soon after that. When Graham was giving me that injection he said "We are not your enemy Ronnie", this I did not believe then and even now but I now also believe that I have no enemies all are my teachers. Over the years I got to like and respect Graham he is the best CPN I have ever had.  approx June 2005, 

All this is all linked to my younger brother James,s suspected brutal murder in the Falkland Islands in 1997 and the subsequent suspected murder of my older sister Alice in 2009 and the suspected murder of my 92 year old mum Moira (Mary) in 2010.  It is all unresolved Karma and I shall rejoice in resolving my unresolved Karma, I shall rejoice in my Karma good and bad until I achieve enlightenment in this life or the next or the next. I firmly believe in reincarnation and I also firmly believe I am the last Buddha, the Muhdi, the True Guru, the biblical comforter and the Jewish Messiah in the making and The Creator JEHOVAH has written a story The Story Of Mankind which is The Greatest Story Ever Told and this very small but most certainly not insignificant part of that story, namely Ronnie,s Story, I intend to see through until the end of my life which might not be too many years from now JEHOVAH willing.     Ronnie, Fri, 23-Feb-2018, HS.

Every day is a school day and we are ALL only passing through one day at a time to go to The Creator JEHOVAH The Great Giver and Forgiver knowes where.

Sorry Dr Bennie hopefully no hard feelings, I was a different person back then JEHOVAH and you people have changed me I have no enemies all are my teachers.

Good Bye for now and may JEHOVAH The Creator go with you.

Ronnie The Meek.