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The Creator JEHOVAH Loving Anarchist Communism.

Tue, 19-Dec-2017, 10.30pm, HS.

This book Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos could give us the answers to many, many, many of our questions about our future now and after The Great Cleansing The Rains and The 2nd Great Hunger happens, it can be down loaded for free from,

Happy reading all 145 fact filled pages especially page 28 about Spain 1936-39.

Making a new world in the shell of the old world with The Creator The All Wise JEHOVAH The Great Forgiver as our guide one day at a time.

I believe it will come down to the survivors having to build a new Anarchistic Communist Egalitarian Society Great Britain in the burnt out, flooded and War Torn Shell of an old Great Britain. As The Creator JEHOVAH once told me last year, a time of change is coming, whether we like it or not that time of change will come to us all one day at a time.

Anarchism An economic and political system based upon removing oppressive and exploitative structures in society ( such as Capitalism and The State) and building a society where everyone has an equal input into decisions that effect their life.

Communism An economic and political system based around common ownership of the means of production (such as factories, fields and workshops) where goods are made available based upon need and ensuring the well being of all, ideally in a moneyless society.

Capitalism An economic and political system based around exploiting those forced to sell their labour, in which a countrys trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.

I believe The Creator The All Wise JEHOVAH is going to orchestrate/force Global Anarchist Communism and Islamic Communism Egalitarian Societies onto us all, any of us that survive that is.

 Anarchist Communism in Great Britain is the only lasting solution for the Underclass who are being slaughtered relentlessly by the ruling elite and the Satanists and it is the only solution for most of us, any of us who survive that is, when The Great Cleansing The Rains and The 2nd Great Hunger come. If you can afford it give the Anarchist Federation a monetary donation, big or small and down load their literature it is free. www.AFED.ORG.UK

Our day will come in this life or the next.

But I believe there are some really hard times coming to us all Rich and Poor, Young and Old Great Britains.

Tyranny, like Hell, is not easily conquered, yet the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. Heaven knows how to set a price on its goods and it would be strange if freedom should not be highly rated.  Thomas Paine (1737-1809).

Good Bye for now,



Fri, 15-Dec-2017, 10.45pm, HS.

A Prophesy,

The Great Cleansing The Rains and The 2nd Great Hunger.

Good evening, I have decided that I am not going to add anymore to the PSP Pages until I have made a full study of Anarchist Communism as this is what I believe The All Wise Creator JEHOVAH wants me to do. It is also my believe that one day the Electricity supply will be cut off by repeated cataclysmic induced faults, once in every 200 cyclic years Great Storms and then Great Floods that will repeatedly bring down the Grid and supply systems, if and when this happens there will be no help from the central Government as the Thames Barrier will not stop a vast area of London, including Westminster, from being flooded and so every other village, town and city will be on its own and so we will have to be organised if any of us are to survive The Great Cleansing The Rains and The 2nd Great Hunger which could last, JEHOVAH willing, several long years. The British establishment is also expecting this to happen, they have been monitoring and recording the weather in Europe for the past 100 years or more and with all that Data fed into a modern computer system they will have a fairly accurate time scale of when the weather will change for the worse that is why they have spared no expense to built so many new Hospital Fortresses, with their State of The Art Diesel Generator Emergency Electricity Supply Systems, all over Britain and Ireland for the satanic ruling elite to retreat to if and when the Power goes down and then these new Hospital Fortresses will be supplied and also partially evacuated by Helicopters and River supply Boats from and too the many self contained self sufficient and also self sustaining MOD Bases that are all around the British Isles and Ireland. I believe these many self contained self sufficient and also self sustaining MOD Bases have a 50 to a 100 year supply of everything essential stored inside them and it will only be the satanic choosen elite and their Hench Men and servants who get a place inside them.

When all this will happen I cannot predict but I believe it will not happen before the end of the 2020 / 21 Scottish Football season and the Glorious Glasgow Celtics Quest to win the Record Breaking 10-IN-A-ROW SPL Trophies. By the start of the 2020 / 21 Scottish football season I predict, JEHOVAH willing, I will be the financial saviour of both Glasgow Celtic FC and also Glasgow Rangers FC from the money I make from my ART works, posters and prints, this I further predict will also end in the uniting of the Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers Masses which will be the start of a Social, Political and Religous/Spiritual Revival/Revolution in Scotland and then the rest of Britain and Ireland or it could end in a Civil War, then we can all turn in unison to the All Wise Creator JEHOVAH The One True And Only GOD and pray to HIM to save HIS OWN We The Believers, individually, from the worst effects of the pending triple happenings of 1) The Great Cleansing The Rains, 2) The 2nd Great Hunger and also 3) The one day to come International, Multi National, Mighty New World Order Communist Armies of Liberation invasion from main land Europe.

  We are ALL in the very capable hands of the All Wise All Mighty Creator JEHOVAH but if you pray for potatoes you had better also reach for a Hoe, you get nothing by doing nothing, before we know it these life changing times of change will be upon us. ORGANISE, ORGANISE, ORGANISE, RESIST, RESIST, RESIST, PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE AND IF NEEDS BE PREPARE TO MEET THY MAKER ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH THE JUST AND THE GREAT FORGIVER.

Hail Hail The Glorious Glasgow Celts and Come On Come On The Mighty Glasgow Gers.

Believers of The World Unite.

We have nothing to loose but our chains.

HE who Created the World knows alone what is to become of us when we die.

HE who Created the World also knows all about all.

HE who Created the World is the Cause of all Causes.

In The All Wise All Mighty God JEHOVAH The Just and The Great Forgiver do we place our trust one day at a time.

Good Bye for now.



Sun, 26-Nov-2017, 7.00PM, HS.


The establishment of a System of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth, (resources, industries and transport) by and in the Interest of the whole community.


System of society in which trade and industry are owned and controlled by individual owners, private owners.


Rich person, one who has much capital invested or it could be anyone who owns a business.

The capitalists and the Ruling Elite are the Master Class and they have been for hundreds of years. They make up less than 0.0001% of the population yet they own and run everything in western society.

War is an essential part of a capitalist society, it is a way a failing country can deal with its youth unemployed, covert Genocide of the underclasses is the way the west chose, and to gain much needed resources, one countries Master Class wanting/taking something of of another countries Master Class, there is a major war in Europe every 40 years or so and it has been that way for hundreds of years. I believe the last great European war was The Great Balkan War which started on the 5th of Oct 1995 and main land Europe and the rest of the world, except Britain and its english speaking former colonies, are all capitalist free countries.

To be continued.





Thur, 23-Nov-2017, 4.30am, HS.


A New Day A New Dawn A Fresh Start ODAAT.

Very early in the morning of the 5-Oct-1994 I awoke sensing a presence in my bedroom, it was still dark but I could see The Holy Prophet Jesus (PBUH) standing shimmering in the dark just across from the right hand side of my bed. He looked as if he had just stepped out of a Schoolboys Bible, long hair, beard and Arab dress. The Holy Prophet Jesus (PBUH) looked into my eyes and I looked into his eyes and then HE spoke, HE said " The Great Balkan War Will Start One Year From Today" I then closed my eyes and went back to sleep and when I awoke some time later in the light of day The Holy Prophet Jesus (PBUH) Was Gone. I kept this information to myself thinking no one would believe me but about 3 weeks before the 5-Oct-1995 I told an important person about my experience and what the Holy Prophet Jesus (PBUH) said to me. At that time there was a lot of bloody murderous conflicts going on between Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, anyway on the 5-Oct-1995 on the BBC evening 6.00pm news programme the then President of America Mr Bill Clinton stepped out of a meeting room in a place called The Haig and stood before the press and the TV cameras and said, excitedly, " We have done it, we have agreed a seize fire in the Balkans and we are now sending American Troops into the Balkans as peace keeping Troops" that was all the then President Bill Clinton said, he then went back into the meeting room. After that day we heard very little about the conflict in Bosnia and it is my belief that The Great Balkan War did start on the 5-Oct-1995 and most likely the then President Bill Clinton started it. Further I now believe that most of the world is now United Socialist/Communist and the only Capitalist countries left in the world are Britain and its former english speaking colonies of Ireland, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, I can either believe the english speaking western media with all its Digital Satellite images that they have been saving in Digital Computer Libraries for the past 20 years or more or I can believe The Holy Prophet Jesus (PBUH) who would you believe.