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Portfolio: RASOB 1.

ALLAH Please Make It As Easy For Us As Counting 1 2 3.

                                                                             You Are No Longer Alone.

                                                                                 Welcome To RASOB.


                                                             The Religious Anonymous Society Of Believers,

                                                 The Other Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek.

                                                                The People, The Power, The Programme.

                                                                         Believers Of The World Unite.

                                                                  We Are Many, Many And They Are Few.

                                                               The RASOB Seed Has Been Firmly Planted.

                                     One Small Step For This Man And Hopefully One Giant Leap For All Mankind.

                                                Read THQ Surah 5 V 54, 55, 56 and THB NT Matthew 5 V 5, 8, 9.

                                                                   ALLAH AKBAR GOD IS THE GREATEST.


     And so you have been hoping and wishing for what seems like all of your adult life that you could somehow develope a strong Religious Faith, a Faith of The Preachers, Seers and Holy Men, a Faith that would help you through the hard times that life can sometimes throw at you, a Faith that would put new meaning into your life and give you a strong believe in eternal happiness in the afterlife and a strong unshakable believe in a God of your own understanding. RASOB could give you such a Faith One Day At A Time. You have nothing to loose but your chains.

    RASOB is a Society, a Fellowship of men and woman who meet in their own homes and other meeting places to share their individual experience, strength and hope with each other so that they can come to an understanding, accept and then overcome their common and sometimes not so common problems of life and also to worship a God of their own understanding who we of RASOB call ALLAH The Creator and Great Giver and Forgiver The One True And Only God. A RASOB member can say when asked about RASOB that he or she is a Seeker Of Truth and also a student, a Pure Meek Student studying for a better/good life here and in the Hereafter one day at a time under the One True And Only God ALLAH The Creator. There are no dues or fees for RASOB membership and we are totally self supporting through our own contributions and we politely but very firmly decline all outside contributions.  If you say you are a member of RASOB then you are a member of RASOB. All are welcome in RASOB even you YES YOU.  RASOB The Other Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of The Holy Meek which will be The Saviour Of The Beaten, The Fallen And The Damned One Day At A Time.    Muhammad, Fri, 14-Sept-2018, 3.30am, HS.

    Patience is the next Holy Virtue in line from the very first Holy Virtue which is Truthfulness, Truth.  Sometimes Patience can be bitter but its Fruit is Always Truly Sweet.

    I now find myself 64 years young and after receiving a message from The Creator ALLAH approx 2 month ago I have decided to lay down the foundations of RASOB The Religious Anonymous Society Of Believers. RASOB and TIMJAS The International Multi National JEHOVAHS Anonymous Society will together both contain all that I have learned over the past 33 years since my first faltering steps through the ever open doorways of ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS on New Years Day 1984/85 which was 9 month after I found myself sitting, naked, in a bath of hot water with a razor in my left then right hand horribly mutilating myself in a frenzied and sustained, abortive suicide attempt. The first cut is the deepest, no pain no gain. There is a God may you find him now.   Handsome Muhammad The Meek, Fri, 19-July-2019, 7.30am, HS.