ART for the Masses, ART for the People.

Portfolio: Ronnies Story, P6.


2005/06. I remained in the West End of Glasgow living in my small studio apartment flat and attended Riverside resource centre every 2 week to get an injection of a drug called Clopixol. I had been on this drug many years and so I just got on with my life totally trusting in the wisdom of God and that there is a reason for everything, in July 2006 I got a new Consultant Psychiatrist a Dr Andrew Grey. In those early days I used to argue a lot with Dr Grey about the amount of the Drug I was getting and also the reason I was getting it. also about that time I began again to write to important people about my late brother James and how he died. One day in Oct 2006 I attended an afternoon appointement with Dr Grey in Riverside resource centre in Partick. During that meeting Dr Grey suddenly said that he wanted me to go into Gartnavel Royal Hospital. I said to Dr Grey that I was not going into hospital as there was nothing wrong with me, Dr Grey then said the Police where waiting to take me there. I got up and went into the reception area and there was about a dozen uniformed Police officers waiting outside, I then turned round and said to Dr Grey that if I was to go into hospital they could carry me there and so I just lay down on the floor on my back in the reception area. Four uniformed Police Officers then came into the reception area from outside and then came over to me and turned me onto my stomach, 3 of the officers then pinned my arms and legs to the floor and then the 4th officer applied his right knee to the base of my spine till there was a loud cracking sound and then he began to move up my spine every few inches with his knee cap until there was loud cracking sounds, I was screaming in pain, I was then taken outside and put into the back of a top of the range new BMW Police car and taken/driven up to the old Gartnavel Royal Hospital where I was taken into a room and I laid down on the bed. I could hardly move for 3 days and on the 3rd day 2 male nurses came into my room and escorted me to the duty room where a woman consultant Psychiatrist called Dr Beesley was waiting, the 2 male nurses then striped me down to my underpants and then Dr Beesley started to fill out 4 A4 Sheet of paperwork, she had a 6 inch steel ruler in her hand and she measured and documented all the bruises on my body and other details on my body, she did not say a word to me the whole time we where together, she finished filling out the forms and then picked them up and left the room and then I was dressed again and taken back to my room, I was held for about 2 month that time and I did not recieve a visit from anyone the whole time I was there. I got out at christmas time and spent it with my mum in the east end, soon after that I believe I developed PTSD Post Trumatic Stress Disorder, I could not stop crying or sleep properly, it left me after 6 month. This experience changed my whole personality I became a quite recluse but I still totally believed in God and that HE must have HIS reasons for allowing this to happen to me. Thinking back to those uniformed Police Officers these were no ordinary Police Men they where all about 35 years old, very stocky with immaculate jet black uniforms on with very shiny buttons and special looking badges on their lapels and they looked as if they could handle anything these Police Men where Special Branch.