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Portfolio: Ronnie.

His own thoughts about himself.

Sat, 23-Feb-2018, 10,30pm, HS.

My name is Ronnie and I am an alcoholic, a drug addict and a co-dependant person in recovery. I believe I was born with these 3 diseases.

All alcoholics, drug addicts and co-dependant people have character defects, flaws in their make up and they all suffer from the disease of self.

I can be a self-righteous, self-centred, self-willed angry alcoholic drug addict bigot.

Self-righteous...Thinking oneself to be more virtuous than others.

Self-centred...Totally preoccupied with ones own concern.

Self-willed...Stubbornly determined to have ones own way, especially at the expense of others.

Bigot...A person who is intolerant especially regarding religion, politics or race.

Intolerant...A person who refuses to accept practices and beliefs that differ from his own.

I can also be a western male alcoholic drug addict sexist pig of a mammies boy.

Sexist/Sexism...discrimination against the members of one sex, usually women.

Boy...male child/a man regarded as being immature or inexperienced.

Co-dependant Person...A Person who cannot maintain a caring, sharing, loving relationship with another human being, he always messes it up.

At key points in my life these very serious character defects have caused havoc in my life and in the lives of people round about me.

Solution...I must not drink alcohol or take drugs today for myself for this day only, one day at a time, I must practice at all times live and let live that means I get on with my own life and I let the other person get on with his or hers,  I do not interfere or comment on another persons life unless he or she asks me for help and then I should say to myself, Am I all right, I make sure I am stable and secure before I help another person. I should also only utter what is good and sweet, this is a priceless virtue, I also must watch out for the 5 Vices...EGO, LUST, ANGER, GREED, WORLDLY ATTACHMENT and take life ODAAT and I should also get on a CODA Program and stay humble at all times and PRACTISE THE 12 STEPS OF RECOVERY and most importantly have trust and faith in the one true and only God JEHOVAH The All Wise Creator The One True And Only God.

And May Ronnie The Meek Stay Forever Young One Day At A Time.