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.Sat, May-18-2019, 4.10pm, HS.

Feasgar Math, Ah Hope Yea Ir Dain Aw Rite Cos Am Dain Jist Fine.

My McNEILL OF CELTIC ART Work Is My 83rd Completed And Framed ART Work, I Have 71 Original And 12 Reworked Prints ART Works And They Are Nearly All In Storage In Glasgow City Centre.  I Intend To Leave All My ART To The Fine People Of Glasgow If Accepted Or My Family Can Sell Them, Further I Believe All My ART Works Are Now All Top Quality Prints And All The Originals Are On Display In An ART Gallery Somewhere In The City Of London, Anyway That Is What I Believe.  54 Of The Original ART Works Are Special For JEHOVAH ART Works. I Have Set A Target Of 100 Completed And Framed ART Works, 17 Still To Do ODAAT GOD Willing.

Today I Have Started Again To Work On A Mixed Medium With Calligraphy On Water Colour Paper Double ART Work Of The Greatest MUHAMMAD ALI And The Great JOE FRAZIER.  The 3rd Anniversary Of MUHAMMAD ALI,s Passing Is The 3rd Of June Next Month.  I Started Working On This ART Work 2 Years Ago But Did Not Complete It. This ART Work Is My Most Complex ART Work So Far.

Yours For The Joy Of The ARTS And Life Long Learning, ODAAT.

Rangers Till I Die And Celtic Forever.

Hail Hail Follow Follow.

To GOD The Glory And The Victory.

ALLAH Akbar.

GOD Is The Greatest.

Good Bye For Now.