ART for the Masses, ART for the People.

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Hot Off The Press.

Fri, 19-July-2019, 6.30am, HS.

Good Morning, I Have Just Now Added A Verse From The Holy QURAN In Both (PB 6) Booze/Drugs And RASOB 2 Give Them A Wee Read.

ALLAH Akbar.

GOD Is The Greatest.

Good Bye For Now. 

Handsome Muhammad The Meek.


 Mon, July-14-2019. 3.00pm, HS.

Good Afternoon, Everything Is Going Fine Here And We Are Just Getting On With It ODAAT. At This Present Time I Am Reworking And Improving Some Of My Old ART Works Because I Am Unhappy With How They Look, GOD Willing My ART Works Will Eventually Be On Display Hopefully Somewhere In Sunny Glasgow For Many Years And So I Want Them To Look Their Best. ART For The Masses ART For The People. I Do Not Know What ART Work I Will Be Starting On Next As I Am Undecided, We Shall See ODAAT.

I Hope You Have A Good Week.

To GOD The Glory And The Victory.

Good Bye For Now.

Handsome Muhammad The Meek.