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Sun, 13-Oct-2019, 6.30pm, HS.

Good Evening, I Hope You Are Well, We Are Both Fine, I Recieved A Message From The Creator GOD ALLAH, JEHOVAH, ELOHIM, WAHEGURU WONDERFUL GOD Today, The Message Told Me I Should KEEP SEEKING AND SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH, That Was All The Message Said, 

I Am Starting On A New ART Work Tonight, It Will Be On The WORLD, EUROPEAN & BRITISH FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION BOXER BENNIE LYNCH Who Was Born (1913) And Lived In The Very Poor Gorbals District Here In Glasgow, THE LITTLE KING OF THE GORBALS. He Died A Suspicious Death At Only 33 Years Old In 1946. My Late Dad, Willie, Who Was Born In 1914 Here Also In Sunny Glasgow Often Talked About Bennie Who He Never Met But Who He Admired Greatly. I Will Not Give You A Time When I Will Finish It ODAAT. 

Yours For The JOY OF THE ARTS And Life Long Learning And Giving And Taking ODAAT One Day At A Time.



Goodbye For Now.

Handsome Muhammad The Meek.