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Portfolio: RASOB 2.

ALLAH Please Make It As Easy For Us As Counting 1 2 3.

Mon, 10-Dec-2018, 1.15pm, HS.

The main book of guidance of RASOB The Religious Anonymous Society Of Believers is an english translation of THE HOLY QURAN, The Meaning Of THE HOLY QURAN by Abdullah Yusuf Ali 1872-1953, The one I use is a copy of the eleventh edition,

A message to my Financial Controllers, I would like to see £5,000,000 of my funds set aside for the distrabution of Free copies of the book The Meaning Of THE HOLY QURAN by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. I would like, initially to see copies of this book freely distributed to the non practising muslim youth born into poor Muslim Families here in Britain and then onto the youth of poor members of TIMJAS here in Britain. Of course only to people who want and ask for a copy. Please always remember that RASOB, when it is complete, is for anyone and everyone who wants it one day at a time, you will have nothing to loose by giving it an honest try and then you will gain a God of your own understanding ALLAH The One True And Only God The God Of All Peoples The Creator ALLAH Most Gracious, Most Merciful May You Find Him Now.

I will leave it there for just now.

To ALLAH The Glory And The Victory.



Mon, 10-Dec-2018, 3.00pm, HS.

Prayer is the heart of Religion and Faith, but how shall we pray? What words shall convey the yearnings of our miserable ignorant hearts to the knower of all? Is it worthy of HIM or our spiritual nature to ask for vanities, or even for such physical needs as our daily bread? The Inspired One taught us a prayer that sums up our faith, our hope and our aspirations in things that matter, SURAH 1. We think in devotion of ALLAH,s name and HIS nature, we praise HIM for HIS creation and HIS cherishing care, we call to mind the Realities, seen and unseen, we offer HIM worship and ask HIS guidance and we know the straight from the crooked Path by the light of HIS grace that illumines the righteous. TMOTHQ, C43 P 13, INTRODUCTION TO SURAH 1- AL FATIHAH.

SURAH 1, AL FATIHAH (The Opening).

1) In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

2) Praise be to ALLAH, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds.

3) Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

4) Master of the Day of Judgement.

5) Thee do we Worship and Thine aid we seek.

6) Show us the straight way.

7) The way of those on whom Thou has bestowed Thy Grace. Those whose portion is not Wrath and who go not astray.


    We should offer ourselves to ALLAH and seek his light.

    ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI  1872-1953.


Fri, 19-July-2019, 7.00am, HS.

The Holy QURAN, Surah 5, v91.  Satan,s Plan Is (But) To Excite Enmity And Hatred Between You With Intoxicants And Gamboling, And Hinder You From Rememberance Of ALLAH, And From Prayer: Will Ye Not Then Abstain?

Handsome Muhammad The Meek.