ART for the Masses, ART for the People.

Portfolio: 1) ART Portfolio.

Mon, Feb-10-2020, 9.00pm, HS.

Good Evening Good People.

Everything is going OK just now and my health is fine, I have started to make up an A4 Portfollio book of all my ART A4 Prints up till now, about 85 plus A4 Prints, I am going to call it GLASGOW COWBOY, The First 12 Years. Jan 2008 To Jan 2020, there will only be 3 LED Copies but it is something I want to do/complete. Who Knows, one day there might be 1,000s of copies. I went to my first ART Class in Oct 2007 at The University of Strathclyde Learning in Later Life Department, since then I have been to many ART Classes in and around The Fine City Of Glasgow.

I put a reworked personalized A2 size Print of the late great AMY WINEHOUSE into the Picture Framers today, I want to, freely and unconditionally, send it down to London to the city council AMY was brought up with in the hope The Council can display it permanantly in the local Library perhaps or some other place where people can see it freely and easily. It is just something I want to do, No Harm Done, I am realy pleased with this AMY ART Work it is one of my best so far and I want to share my Joy with people, No Harm Done.

To GOD All The Glory And All The Victories.


Goodbye For Now.

Handsome Muhammad The Meek.