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Thur, Nov-26-2020, 10.30pm, HS.

According to todays Glasgow Evening Times newspaper a young teen Kai Rae (16)  has been missing from his home since Monday, If anyone knows of still very young Kai,s whereabouts could they please get a message to him to tell him that a lot of people are worried about him and are missing him greatly and only want him to come home, safe. Kai you are still so very young to be out in this sometimes very bad world. Kai was last seen in Castle Chimmins Road in Cambuslang, near Glasgow.



Thur, Nov-26-2020, 9.00pm, HS.

A Statement.

Satan has appeared to me twice in this tenement flat in the east end of The City of Glasgow Scotland, The Chosen City Of GOD. He appeared to me once in Mar 1992 and once in May 2008 approx, on both these occasions I did not become a Satanist but if Satan had appeared to me in Mar 1984 I would most definitely still be a Satanist today.

Yours in all Honesty,


The Saviour of the beaten, the fallen and the damned in this live or the next.

The Jesus Card has not been played yet and that Card could be a Global Game Changer..



Sun, Nov-22-2020, 9.45pm, HS.

A Statement.

Professional Football is a Capitalist Business and an ILLUSION but it has such a strong, strong GRIP on so many people.

As it stands just now GLASGOW CELTIC FC and GLASGOW RANGERS FC do not get anymore of MY MONEY. 

Further I believe there are many, many people in this City Of Glasgow Scotland in abject poverty perhaps even starving to death and if it comes down to me financing Celtic and/or Rangers FC,s or me perminantly supplying food and then winter cloth many, many, many poor, poor, poor single Mums and their wee weins I would chose the poor, poor, poor single Mums and their wee weins every time.

I plan to make another statement about 3 weeks before the winter SPL transfer window closes.

I am now at the time in my life that I never say never.

You Should See My Living Room.

Yours most sincerely,