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Portfolio: 3) Noo Thit Yev Stopped.


Tue, Dec-31-2019, 10.15am, HS. 

Noo Thit Yae Hiv Stopped Or Ir Gonnae Stop ODAAT.,

YER Main Problem Noo Is No Tae Start Again Efter Yoo Hiv Made The Life Changin Fur Ra Better Decision Tae Stop ODAAT. Here Ir Some Practical Tips, Bases  Oon Ra Exsperience O Others, Thit Shud Help Make It Easier Fur Yoo Tae Stay Stopped ODAAT.

1) Eat Is Much Is Yae Kin, Yae Ir Less Likely Tae Want Tae Smoke, Drink Or Take Drugs Oon A Full Stomach.

2) If Yea Hiv A Craving Fur Drink, This May Simply Be Due Tae Body,s Demand Fur Liquid, Which Is Often Very Strong. So Drink Plenty-Providin It Is No Alcoholic. Water Or Fruit Juice With Glucose, Tea Or Coffee With Plenty O Sugar Will Best Satisfy Yer Bodies Need Fur Plenty O Liquid.

3) Alcohol Destroyed Yer Limited Supply O Vitamin B. Take Plenty O Vitamin Tablets, Especially Those Containing Vitamen B        Compound, They Can Be Obtained Withoot Prescription, Ir Noo Habit Formin An Ir Quite Harmless.

4) A Feelin O Depression Can Be The Result Of Being Physically Oot A Sorts. Keep Yer System Regular.

5) Nivir Sit Gazin Intae Space Wie Yer Mind A Complete Blank. Dae Something, Anythin Positive, (a) Go Fur A Walk. (b) Take A Bath.       (c)Do A Bit O Gardinin. (d) Clean Yer Shoes. (e) Make A Phone Call Etc Etc. Any O These Will Break Ra Moody Period.

6) Ra Phone Is Yer Surest Link Wie Help Frae AA, Na, Ca, Ga Until Ra Newly Started GOa Gits Its Ain Phone Line In Every Town And City In Ra English Speakin Western Wurld. JEHOVAH Willin.

7) Hiv A Plan Fur Yer Dae. Dont Jist Muddle Through, Yae May Noo Be Able Tae Carry It Through But Dae Yer Best.

8) Easy Does It, Alcoholics, Addicts Tend To Dae To Much To Quickly.

9) First Things First. Git Yer Priorities Sorted Oot, Always Remember That Sobriety Takes Precedence Over Everything Else.       ODAAT.

10) Losin Yer Temper Is A Luxury Yea Cannae Afford. Remember It,s Even Possible Thit Ra Other Person Could Be Right An Wits Right Aboot Bein Right. So Be Tolerant And Avoid Emotional Disturbances.

11) Thir Is Nae Problem Thit A Drink Or Drug Will No Make Bigger, So Keep All Yoors Doon Tae Size By Stayin Clean An Sober ODAAT.

12) In Times O Difficulty When Yae Cannae Git Help, The Serenity Prayer Said Tae The One True And Only GOD The Creator GOD JEHOVAH As Yae Understawn HIM Will Bring Yae Sufficient Confidence Tae Cope. JEHOVAH Is Always Available 24/7.


JEHOVAH Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change, The Courage Tae Ghange Ra Things A Kin An Ra Wisdom Tae Knoo Ra Difference.  

 Also Read And Study Ra 5 Suggestions o TIMJAS PASRG  Prayer, Avoidance, Substitution, Rememberance, Gratitude.

Wit Yae Cannae Dae Yer GOD JEHOVAH An Yae Kin Dae ODAAT.   Handsome Muhammad.       11.30am, HS.