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Portfolio: 4) 12 Steps Of GOa.

12 Steps For Everyone If They Want Them.

 GOa, GODS OWN anonymous Society Fur Ra Troubled Many, GOa.

Ra 12 Steps O GOa. 12 Steps Fur Ivirywan If They Reely Whant Them.

This Program is open tae aw persons regardless of race, colour, social class, age, sex, or religious denomination. It is no a religious program, but it is ra spiritual one. In fact religion is never discussed in meetings, but there is a great deal said aboot ra Higher Power as members attempt tae arrive it their ain concepts of wan. Thir Is But Wan GOD Ra All Wise Creator GOD JEHOVAH Ra All Compassionite,Ra All Mercifull An Ra Great Forgiver an Ra Creator O Ivirything Seen An Unseen, May Yae Find HIM Knoo. Handsome Muhammad.

1) We admitted we wir powerless er oor emotions- thit oor lives hid become unmanageable.

2) Came to believe that a Power Greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3) Made a desicion to turn our will an oor lives eer tae ra care o GOD THE WAN TRUE AN ONLY GOD THE CREATOR GOD THE  ALL WISE JEHOVAH RA GREAT FORGIVER MAY YU FIND HIM NOO.

4) Made a searching an fearless moral inventory o oorselves.

5) Admitted tae GOD, tae oorselves an tae another human being ra exact nature o oor wrangs.

6) Wir intirely ready tae hiv GOD remove aw these defects o character.

7) Humbly ask GOD tae remove oor shortcomings.

8) Made a list o aw persons we hid harmed, an became willin tae make amends tae them aw.

9) Made direct amends tae such people wherever possible, except where tae dae so wid injure thim ir ithers.

10) Continued tae take personal inventory an whin we wir wrang promptly admitted it.

11) Sought through prayer an meditation to improve oor conscious contact wie GOD, is we understood HIM, prayin only fur knowledge o HIS will fur us an ra power tae carrie thit oot.

12) Hivin hid a spiritual awakening is a result o these steps, we tried tae caerry this message tae ithers, an tae practise these principals in aw oor affairs.

This 12 Step Programme Is Fur Ivery Man An Wummin Oon This Planet If They Whant It. ODAAT.

Handsome Muhammad, Wed, Jan-1st-2020, 11.00pm, HS.

BOOK, The 12 Steps For Everyone. Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D. (1975) HAZELDEN Order No 6652,  ISBN 1-56838-047-X