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Portfolio: 3) More About Salah (Prayer).

One Day At A Time.

 THE PURPOSE OF PRAYER.  Prayer is intended to purify the heart and bring about spiritual and moral growth. The aims are to bring people close to GOD, to bring a sense of peace and tranquillity, to develop gratitude and humility.

If a person wants to use a PRAYER MAT then there is nothing wrong with that. PRAYER MATS are not compulsory- they aid cleanliness, comfort and orderly spacing. If used, they are treated with respect and folded up after the prayer and not walked on like normal carpets, .

I am presently reading an excellent TEACH YOURSELF Book,  ISLAM AN INTRODUCTION by RUQAIYYAH WARIS MAQSOOD. All that I have written above is nearly a direct quote from this book.

If you can afford it then why not buy it. If RASOB is now becoming established I, personally, out of gratitude for being a member would like to subsidize the cost of this excellent book to RASOB members if the Author and my Financial Controllers give their approval. I would like to help RASOB, TIMJAS and GOA financially anyway I can, freely and unconditionally.


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