A message to all Good People especially to all the Good, Good People who now find themselves House Bound or in Prison, Your Day Is Coming Soon. Be Strong And Have Faith In GOD Most Gracious, Most Mercifull, The One True And Only GOD and THE GREAT FORGIVER.

The Worlds 10th ever unofficial Holy RASOB Day, Sunday morning meeting/service takes place on Sunday Dec-13-2020 at 10.00am to 11.00am in our individual place of residence, Prison or otherwise, We will start with a Holy BIBLE, KING JAMES VERSION, THE OTHER BRAW BOOK, THE BRAW BOOK 2, reading/study. The Second Book Of SAMUEL otherwise called The Second Book Of THE KINGS Chapter 22 v1 to v51, Chapter 23 v1 to v39, Chapter 24 v1 to v25, David. From there we will move onto THE BRAW BOOK, THE BRAW BOOK 1 which is an English translation of the Divinely Given in ARIBIC Holy QURAN, the words of the Holy QURAN started to be given to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 570-633CE when he was in a mountain cave praying and meditating when he was 40 years old by the ANGEL JIBRIL (Gabriel) (Spirit of GOD), the revalations continued for 23 years until the Prophet,s death in 633CE. The Holy QURAN was revealed and is written in ARIBIC. The English Translation with meanings we the members of RASOB use is the book  "The Meaning Of The Holy QURAN" by ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI 1872-1952, THE BRAW BOOK 1.  This week we will be reading/studying SURAH 56 Al Waqiah (The Inevitable)  v1 to v96, please also read/study the introduction to SURAH 56 Al Waqiah (The Inevitable) page, first, as well. BE GOOD, BE HOLY, BE HAPPY AND KEEP THE FAITH, RASOB, TIMJAS, GOA, GHBM/B WE THE HOLY MEEK ARE THE PEOPLE, Blessed Are WE THE HOLY MEEK For We Shall Inherit The Earth. Keep On Keeping On, Keeping On, Keeping On ODAAT One Day At A Time, ALLAH The One True And Only GOD Is With Us ALL 24/7. ALLAH AKBAR, GOD and only GOD IS GREAT. This is the last RASOB post I will be making on this web site as I have now OFFICIALLY RETIRED from all of my WE THE HOLY MEEK anonymous Fellowships inputs except my Financial input. I wish you all well and GOD Bless You ALL. Goodbye For Now From muhammad, All Praise GOD Most Gracious Most Merciful The One True And Only GOD May You Find GOD Now.