A Statement From muhammad.

I was born on the 13th-April-1954 in the pre 1850,s Built Tenement Slums of the Calton District in the East End of the City Of GLASGOW SCOTLAND THE CHOSEN CITY Of GOD. MY MAMMIE WAS AN IRISH/SCOT TIM and MY DADDY WAS AN IRISH/SCOT PRODDIE, I had a happy enough childhood as both my parents only did what they thought was best for my 4 brothers, 4 sisters and me. I had a Catholic School education. I served a 4 years indentured apprenticeship as an electrician in and around GLASGOW in the early 1970,s and I emmigrated to apartheid SOUTH AFRICA in May 1976 to take up work as an electrician, I returned to GLASGOW SCOTLAND in March 1978 with the grand sum of £50 after paying £350 for my Air Ticket back to LONDON ENGLAND and I then got a train home to Sunny GLASGOW SCOTLAND, I started work as an electrician 10 days after I returned from SA. I have always considered myself Working Class, I am a Working Class Glaswiegian born and raised. I did not get into Football until 1991 when I was a keen Follower of GLASGOW RANGERS FC  9-IN-A-ROW Campaign. When I was in my late 40,s (2002 approx) I Followed, Supported and went to a few Home Games of PARTICK THISTLE FC at Firhill GLASGOW and I enjoyed the experience.  In 2004 I, just out of interest because I come from GLASGOW SCOTLAND, went on the IBROX STADIUM Tour and very soon after that I became a GLASGOW RANGERS FC Follower and Supporter and attended more than a few Home Games, I stopped Following Football in 2007 when I took up ART as an asspiring Artist but I always wanted to do Football ART as I wanted my ART to be popular. In May 2008 the Late Great GLASGOW CELTIC FC BHOY TOMMY BURNS died and I completed my 1st of 7 ART works of him back then and I would say that I became a strong GLASGOW CELTIC FC Follower from that time up to now, my favourite GLASGOW CELTIC FC player for some years now has always been Captain SCOTT BROWN and I still remember GLASGOW SCOTLAND as a wee 13 year old Catholic schoolboy on the 25th-May-1967 but I would say my best Football moments were watching STEVEN NAISMITH and DAVIE WEIR play for GLASGOW RANGERS FC these 2 GREAT PLAYERS where MAGICAL TO WATCH and I have completed ART Works on both these 2 GREAT PLAYERS. I now follow and support GLASGOW PARTICK THISTLE FC again because they are still a good and exciting Team to watch and also because there is very little bigatory attached to them and their Fans but I will Always and Forever be a Follower of GLASGOW CELTIC FC and GLASGOW RANGERS FC. To finish off for just now I would like to say Football is an excellent outlet for our emotions and what else is there for a poor unemployed or employed Working Class Man to do but to Follow his Team, there is nothing else to do for him but to Hail Hail or Follow Follow or Come Oon Ra Thistle and if he has the money to Support his Team, there is nothing else and if you do not agree with me then you tell me what else is there for him to do in this University Elitist City Of GLASGOW SCOTLAND but THERE IS A GOD MAY YOU FIND HIM/HER NOW And GLASGOW SCOTLAND is still THE CHOSEN CITY OF GOD.    muhammad, Mon, Dec-28-2020, 12.30pm, HS.

KEEP IT SIMPLE Don't Shot The Messenger Before You Listen To His Message, There Is A GOD May You Find HIM/HER Now.