This Is Not About The Messenger, This Is All About The Message.

Portfolio: GOD,S NOBLE BLACK BADGE Society 4.

These are the words of The Holy Covenant You Should Make Between Yourself And GOD (A GOD Of Your Own Understanding) When You Decide To Become A Member Of The New anonymous Society.


GOD I Am Now A Member Of Your GOD,S NOBLE BLACK MASKS/BADGE anonymous Society (Scotland) For The Love And Worship And Support Of You GOD And MY TEAM And MY TEAM Comes Second Only To You GOD.


Hail Hail Follow Follow I Will Forever Follow, Worship And Support YOU GOD AND MY TEAM In Sickness And In Health, In Richness And In Poorness, Till Death When I Will Be Reunited With You GOD In YOUR Great, Great Football Stadium In The Sky, PARADISE STADIUM.


GOD,S NOBLE BLACK MASKS/BADGE anonymous Society Comes Under The Universal Umbrella Of The Universal Anonymous Fellowships Of WE THE NOBLE MEEK.

GC, Jan  2021, HS, FA/J62.


It is important that you comunicate with Your GOD, I follow the teachings of the Muslims Holy QURAN which is the direct word of The Creator GOD, ALLAH. I pray, if I remember, before I go to bed and when I get up in the morning and also once in the hours of darkness. I stand in adoration of ALLAH and I repeat SURAH 1, Members of GOD,S NOBLE BLACK BADGES anonymous Society could also stand in adoration and say the LORDS PRAYER, THE OUR FATHER PRAYER which we all got in primary school, I then just send my thoughts, to myself, out to GOD as I understand HIM, I speak about my past day and the new day ahead and any other thing that comes to mind. I then finish of by saying Thank You For Listening To Me GOD. We Of The New GOD,S NOBLE BLACK BADGE anonymous Society could say YOU GOD and only YOU GOD IS GREAT AND MY TEAM COMES SECOND ONLY TO YOU GOD. You are an adult and you can pray or not pray anyway you like but that is how I pray and also you can worship the GOD of YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING NOT MY UNDERSTANDING. I hope you got something out of this. WE THE NOBLE MEEK ARE THE PEOPLE AND GOD AND MY TEAM ARE THE GREATEST and always remember GOD is listening to every word we think and say 24/7 but HE is also known by we Holy Muslims as THE GREAT FORGIVER and also always remember that The 3 Gates To Hell are called LUST, ANGER, GREED.


Sun, Jan-17-2021, 7.00pm, HS.