Muhammad,s Spiritual Experiences Sept 1975 to July 1992.

 I was born on April-13-1954 in Glasgow Scotland.  1) Sept 1975. I was standing at a Bus Stop in Duke Street, east end Glasgow, it was about 2.30pm on a cloudy September mid week afternoon. All I had was the Bus Fare home as I did not get payed until the next day, Thursday. I was feeling really down when suddenly the grey clouds overhead parted and a strong, warm beam/ray of sunlight shone right on my face, just then a radio in the car in the traffic jam in front of me played very loudly a song that had just entered the charts, it was by a singer called MINNIE RIPERTON and the title of the song was called LOVING YOU. It is a beautiful love song, the song ended and then the clouds came together again and blocked the strong, warm sun beam/ray. I consider this to be my first Spiritual experience. If you get the chance look this song up and listen to the words.   2) April 1987, Late one evening in my former small flat in the west end of Glasgow I got undressed and then switched off the light and then got into my bed for the night, I was only in bed a few minutes when suddenly a BEING OF LIGHT OF LIGHT appeared at the foot of my bed, I GOT SUCH A FRIGHT that I let out a yell and then the BEING OF LIGHT just disappeared.   3) Oct 1987, One night I was lying in bed, awake, in the dark when suddenly the room was filled with a BLINDING WHITE LIGHT, I was very frightened and I had my eyes closed shut in terror, I then felt someone slide their hands/arms under me and then lift me clear out of the bed and I then felt that person KISS ME ON MY FOREHEAD like you would a small child and I was then lowered back down onto my bed and the hands/arms then withdrew from me, the BLINDING WHITE LIGHT then switched off and I was then left alone again lying on top of my bed in the dark filled with terror about what had just happened to me.   4) Nov 1987 to April 1991, Late at night Spirits would appear every 8 nights in my bedroom. At first I was very frightened by them but I got used to them appearing, I will not go into the details of this now but over that period of time The Spirit WHITE EAGLE (google it) appeared twice, in april 1991 I prayed to GOD to stop the spirits appearing, for personnal reasons that I will go into with you in the future, they then stopped very soon after that.     5) June 1991, One evening in my bedroom sitted at my study desk I got very, very drunk drinking cheap, strong and sweet, Ruby Red Wine (then my favorite), I then proceeded to pass out drunk onto my forearms whilst sitted at my desk, I awoke suddenly some time later to find The Holy Prophet JESUS standing to my left beside me, HE was holding a short fat holy looking book in HIS left hand and HE had shooken me awake with his right hand. I looked into the eyes of JESUS and JESUS looked into my eyes and then HE spoke, HE said, READ THIS BOOK, I then passed out again, asleep at my desk again. I awoke some time later alone. After that experience I very soon afterwards got back to ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS AA and stopped drinking ODAAT. I then started my multi faith religious and eastern and western philosophy education.   6) July 1992. Late one evening I was sitted,alone, at my study desk in my bedroom reading, studying a book about SUFHISM which is a Holy, mystical sect in the Religion of ISLAM, in my study of this book it was written that to become a SUFHI you had to make a Holy Vow To ALLAH (GOD) that you where now HIS Slave. Anyway I liked what I was reading in this book about SUFISM that I then and there said a prayer to GOD that I wanted to become a SUFHI and that I was now taking a Vow that I was now HIS/HER Slave, I then got up from my desk and then got undressed and then switched the light out and got into my bed for the night. I was only in bed a short while when suddenly a Huge  figure appeared at the foot of my bed, HE/SHE was between 6 and 8 feet high with massive shoulders just like Superman, HE/SHE also had a steel domed full Helmet on HIS/HER head and HE/SHE wore a black cape, HE/SHE looked to me very much like the Character DARTH VADOR in the movie STAR WARS, this figure then came round to the side of my bed then bent down and picked me up out of my bed and then raised me up over HIS/HER head in a sitting position and then walked me round my bedroom in that position, the figure then placed me down on my bed on my stomach and then massaged the base of my spine, the Goddess KUNDALINIE area, with the palm of HIS/HER right hand I then fell asleep. I then awoke next morning in daylight with a male voice in my head saying over and over again READ JEREMIAH 1, READ JEREMIAH 1, READ JEREMIAH 1, I then proceed to get up from my bed and got my BIBLE out and looked up and read JEREMIAH 1.  Mon, Dec-28-2020, 7.00pm, HS.