Muhammads Further Spiritual Experiences, Oct 1994 To Mar 1996. 

 I was born on April-13-1954 in Glasgow, Scotland.  7) Oct-5-1994.  Very early in the morning of this date I awoke from sleep sensing a presence in my bedroom. It was still dark but I saw The Holy Prophet JESUS (PBUH) standing to the right of my bed SHIMMERING IN THE DARK. I looked into the eyes of JESUS and HE looked into my eyes and then HE spoke, HE said- ONE YEAR FROM TODAY WILL BE THE START OF THE GREAT BALKAN WAR, that was all JESUS said, I then closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I awoke later that morning, alone, and then and there decided that I would keep this information about JESUS and what he told me to myself as I thought no one would believe me but about 3 weeks before Oct-5-1995 I told an important person about my experience and what JESUS told me. At that time BOSNIA was AFLAME with GREAT BLOODSHED between The CROATES, The SERBIANS and The BOSNIAN MUSLIMS anyway on the evening of Oct-5-1995 on The BBC 6 o,clock evening TV News Broadcast the then PRESIDENT Of AMERICA MR BILL CLINTON stepped out of a Meeting Room in a place called THE HAIGH and stood before The World TV Cameras and Reporters and said, excitedly- WE HAVE DONE IT, WE HAVE  AGREED A SEIZEFIRE IN THE BALKANS AND WE ARE NOW SENDING AMERICAN TROOPS INTO THE BALKANS AS PEACE KEEPING TROOPS, that was all MR CLINTON said and he then walked back into the Meeting Room. I believe THE GREAT BALKAN WAR started then and there and MR CLINTON had a hand in starting it.    8)  Nov 1995, In Sept 1995 I started to go to The KELVIN HALL in the west end of Glasgow on a Sunday afternoon to attend TAI CHI Classes for the first time in my life, I was still attending classes 2 month later but one mid week evening in that November I was lying on top of my bed, fully clothed, and I thought to myself that I would give up TAI CHI Classes as I was just not getting the hang of it when suddenly A BEING OF LIGHT appeared at the foot of my bed and then HE/SHE bent over and touched me between my legs with HIS/HER right index finger and then just as suddenly the whole room was ABLAZE WITH WHITE LIGHT, THE BEING OF LIGHT then just dissapeared and the room returned to darkness. I do not know who the BEING OF LIGHT was but I got the message HE/SHE was sent with and I did not stop going to TAI CHI Classes till many years later and I still try to practice TAI CHI here in my home even now (Jan 2021).    9) Mar 1996. One early mid week evening I was lying on top of my bed, in my bedroom, fully clothed, just resting and thinking about nothing in particular when suddenly I found myself IN A PLACE OF LIGHT, it was not an inside place or an outside place I was just totally surrounded by WHITE LIGHT and then a male voice said, TAKE HIM BACK, TAKE HIM BACK and then I just as suddenly found myself lying on top of my bed again in my bedroom totally GOBSMACKED. I much later found out that GOD lives in THE LAND OF LIGHT.  10)........17)  Nov 2014,  One night I was in my bedroom in my bed just about to fall asleep for the night, I was lying on my left side, when suddenly someone jumped into my bed behind me and applied a FOREARM THROTTLE HOLD ON MY NECK with his right forearm and at the same time pushed his left hand palm into the base of my back/spine, the GODESS KUNDALINIE area, and then rasped into my right ear, BOW DOWN TO ME BOW DOWN TO ME then just as suddenly A BRILLIANT WHITE LIGHT switched on behind us and then my attacker just disappeared and THE BRILLIANT WHITE LIGHT switched off and I was left alone again in the dark thinking to myself that must have been the Evil Satan The Enemy Of All Mankind and THE BRILLIANT WHITE LIGHT must have been GOD or MY GARDIAN ANGEL appearing to protect me.   18)