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Portfolio: 2) Teachings For We The Noble Meek 1.

 Teachings For We The Noble Meek 1.


T1, When You Judge The Haters And Hate The Judgers You Become Part Of The Cancer Rather Than It,s Treatment. (Dr W Dyer).

Do You Have A Hating And Judging Problem?


Say To Yourself And Mean It, You Refuse To Judge Any Man Or Woman And You Hate No One.

When You See A Person Standing In Front Of You Say In To Yourself I WISH YOU NO HARM To That Person, Man, Woman Or Child. The Enemy Comes From Within, Inside Your Mind Is Thoughts Of ANGER, FEAR, HATE. Thoughts Of ANGER, FEAR, HATE Are The Source Of All SUFFERING, CONFLICT, WAR In This World.

Now If Someone Offers You A Gift And You Refuse To Take That Gift Then Who Does That Gift Belong To. Of Course The Gift Still Belongs To The Giver. Now If Someone Offers You A Gift Of ANGER, FEAR, HATE And You Refuse To Accept That Gift Of ANGER, FEAR, HATE By Offering Your Own Gift Back To Them Of ANGER, FEAR, HATE Then You Are Not Going To Get SUFFERING, CONFLICT, WAR.

ANGER is your present.

FEAR comes from issues in your past and worry about the future.

HATE starts off as a RESENTMENT and grows into ANGER Then HATRED.

You can resolve these issues by letting GOD into your life, a GOD of your understanding, and then go on a 12 Steps Of Humanity Programme, GOA and TIMJAS Do Such A Programme.

In the coming Communist New World Order I would like to see free YES Meter Centres opened up in every district in every village, town, city in the world to resolve a lot of the ANGER, FEAR, HATE that is out there in the wider world. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK, WITH YOUR OWN THOUGHTS YOU MAKE YOUR OWN WORLD. (Buddha).

Your Real Enemy Is Not Out There, It Is Inside You In The Shape Of ANGER, FEAR, HATE.

T2. Before you go to bed at night sit down and think to yourself, HOW WOULD I HAVE LIKED TO HAVE MET MYSELF TODAY.

T3, Always Think Of The Other Person, It Is Nice To Be Nice.

T4, There is a lesson to be found in everything, look for the lesson, learn what you can from it then move on.

T5, Only utter what is good and sweet, this is a priceless virtue. (The Holy Granth).

T6, Believe in TRUTH, JUSTICE, BROTHERHOOD and everything starts with THE TRUTH.



Mar 2021, HS.