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Portfolio: 5)Statements 1-2.

 Statement 1, Over the past few years I have done some deep personal reflection on myself and my religious beliefs and other non religious beliefs. Since New Year 1985, my first AA meeting, I have been guided to followed 4 seperate Religions and became a member, and still are a member, of 9 mostly 12 step anonymous Spiritual self help Fellowships/Societies. Over this 36 years since then I have read many religious and other self help books. The 5 books I got the greatest help from are 1) The Holy QURAN, 2) WISDOM OF THE AGES by Dr Wayne Dyer, 3) The Hari Krishna,s Holy GITA, 4) Na, NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS, IT WORKS HOW AND WHY and 5) The SIKH HOLY BOOK, GURU GRANTH SAHIB, THE HOLY GRANTH. I believe I was wandering in the spiritual wilderness for most of my life until I started to read THE HOLY GRANTH (International English Version). I am now following a pathway where I hope to achieve enlightenment and Union with GOD in this lifetime. I am a Devotee of GOD, The slave of GOD,S slaves, The Beloved Of GOD.   muhammad, Tue, Apr-6-2021, 3.30pm, HS.

Statement 2, I am not expecting to live any longer than the next 2.5 years at most. Before I move on I would like to initiate/start an anonymous Spiritual movement called THE MEEK Brother/Sisterhood, THE MEEK ORDER, This anonymous Spiritual, Holy movement will contain, I hope and pray, divinely revealed writings and teachings and the already written writings and teachings of all 5, TIMJAS, RASOB, GNBM/B, GOA, GAS, of the Universal anonymous Holy Fellowships of WE THE NOBLE MEEK anonymous Society and also, possibly, a 6th anonymous Fellowship called GHbM/B GOD,S HOLY BLUE MASK/BADGE anonymous Fellowship/Society. This 6th movement/fellowships HOLY BOOK will be the authentic LOST TRUE HOLY GOSPEL OF THE HOLY PROPHET JESUS which I will translate from THE GOLDEN TABLETS That were taken from the Holy Prophet JOSEPH SMITH in 1836 AMERICA by THE ANGEL MORONI. I believe The Holy Prophet JESUS is going to appear, soon, for the 3rd time in this flat in the east end of The  City Of GLASGOW SCOTLAND and give me the said GOLDEN TABLETS for me to keep and translate them into english just as the Holy Prophet JOSEPH SMITH, 1805-44, did before he was murdered and THE BOOK OF MORMON altered and falsified by the ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS and the SATANISTS of that time, 1844 AMERICA. The Holy Prophet JOSEPH SMITH, 1805-44, was sent by GOD to unite all CHRISTIANITY and also to tie in with The Holy QURAN,S teachings about The Holy Prophet JESUS but before he could do this he was murdered and his HOLY SCRIPTURES, THE BOOK OF MORMON, were altered and falsefied. If The MORMONS, The Good Holy People Of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS do not agree with what I have said here then I would like to ask them one question and that is, Where is THE ORIGINAL TRANSLATION MANUSCRIPT done by The Holy Prophet JOSEPH SMITH in HIS OWN HANDWRITING?  But this is just me writing GOD,S story again. We Shall See, we are all in Our All Wise GOD,S Most Highly Capable Hands 24/7 ODAAT. 

Tomorrow I plan to make further writings on The Book Of muhammad.

Mon, Mar-29-2021, 4.00pm, HS.