ART For The Masses, ART For The People.

Portfolio: 7) Take Note 1.

 It does not lie with mankind to elect the Son of Man sent by GOD. But the Power of GOD will uplift Him at the hour when mankind in their helplessness are whining for deliverance! Then they will cease to revile, because horror will silence them, and they will willingly accept all the gifts the Creator offers through His Envoy! But he who will not accept them from Him shall be cast forth for all eternity!

Book, THE GRAIL MESSAGE, (Google it). vol 2, Chap 50, THE SON OF MAN. (Buy The Paper Backs, 3vol)

I see famine and war coming to all of the english speaking West and then we will have a GOD Loving Totalitarian Communist New World Order which will be the next step for all mankind.

THQ, SURAH 108, V3.


Mar 2021, HS.