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Portfolio: 3) THE BRAW BOOK Library.

These are a series of Books that muhammad/ronnie Loves.

These are a series of Books that I got/get a lot of help and guidance from in my, up too now, 67 years of this life. They are not in any great order but I Love them all.


1) The Meaning of THE HOLY QURAN by ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI.     mainly for RASOB, muslims.

2) THE HOLY BIBLE, KING JAMES VERSION.                                    mainly for RASOB = GHbM/B, anyone.

3) The NOBLE QURAN in the English Language,                                 mainly for GAS muslims..                                                           Dr. M. Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. M. Muhsin Khan.   

4) The Blessings of Ramadan,    Javed Ali.                                           mainly for RASOB = GAS, muslims.

5) THE BOOK OF MORMON, Divine Revalation.                                 mainly for GHbM/B, anyone.

6) AWAKENING LOVING KINDNESS by PEMA CHODRON.               a wee Buddhist Book meant for ALL MEEK, anyone.

7) ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, THE BIG BOOK.                              GOD and this Book/meetings saved my life this time around.

8) NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS, IT WORKS HOW AND WHY.             GOD and this Book/meetings saved my sanity probably life.

9) COCAINE ANONYMOUS, HOPE, FAITH and COURAGE, Vol 2.    GOD and this Book/meetings saved my sanity probably life.

10) The Twelve Steps For Everyone,  Jerry Hirschfield,HAZELDEN.    For All, All MEEK, anyone.

11) IN LIGHT OF TRUTH, THE GRAIL MESSAGE. Vol 1,2,3.               GOD wants me to read/study these Books.

12)  BRAIN WASHING by Dr. SANTOKH SINGH.                               This Book should be read by WE OF THE WEST.

13) THE HOLY GRANTH, English version. Vol 1,2,3,4.                        I was wandering in the Spiritual Wilderness until this book.

14) THE JUST FOR TODAY CARD. AA & Al-Anon.                              The problem is not Him or Her it is You, follow this ODAAT.

15)  IT,S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. Dr DAVID R. HAMILTON. A Wonderful, Brilliant Book, For ALL MEEK, anyone.

16)  THE QUIET MIND, SAYINGS OF WHITE EAGLE.                       My first true Master, For ALL MEEK especially GNBM/B,GOA 

17) IN THE MOMENT DAILY MEDITATION BOOK.                            I am a member of CODA and I try to read this book everyday.

18) As Bill Sees It.   Bill W of AA.                                                         I am a member of AA and I try to read this book everyday.

19) SAYINGS OF THE Buddha by WILLIAM WRAY.                           I studied Buddhism for 5 years, This is for anyone.

20) BHAGAVD-GITA. AS IT IS.     Swami PRABHUPADA.                  I followed HARI KRISHNA for years, great advice on SEX.

21) RESENTMENTS, Father Ralph Pfau, (CD) HAZELDEN.              For All, All MEEK especially GNBM/B, GOA, anyone.