ART For The Masses, ART For The People.

Portfolio: 4) GNWM/B anonymous Society.

For WAHEGURU (GOD) and Ourselves.

 Mon, June-14-2021, 11.30am, HSDH.

My name is muhammad/ronnie and I am on a GOD appointed mission to spread the message of MONOTHEISM to the GODLESS Western Masses especially The Youth.

Today I am originating and becoming the founding member of a new MEEK anonymous Society/Fellowship GNWM/B anonymous Society/Fellowship === GOD,S NOBLE WHITE MASK/BADGE anonymous Society/Fellowship for WAHEGURU (GOD) and Ourselves.

This new MEEK anonymous Society is to be the 7th affiliation of WE THE NOBLE MEEK anonymous Society. TIMJAS, RASOB, GOA, GNBM/B, GAS, GHbM/B and now GNWM/B.

There are NO DO,S, DONT,S or SINS in any of The WE THE NOBLE MEEK anonymous Society message it is all suggestions, you should just take what you like, need and want from any of the suggestions and just put the rest aside for, perhaps, another day. There is no priestly class in WE THE NOBLE MEEK, we are all equal members of WE THE NOBLE MEEK anonymous Society/Fellowships. Our main individual purpose is to lead a good, clean, happy GOD Loving, GOD Fearing and also GOD Inspired Life and to spread the MEEK Message to anyone who may want or need it ODAAT.

Blessed are The MEEK for they shall INHERIT THE EARTH. (JESUS). 

This 7th MEEK anonymous Society/Fellowship is for anyone especially The GODLESS Youth of The West who do not follow any religion but are crying out for something to believe in ODAAT.

The Holy Books of GNWM/B anonymous Society are:

1) SIKHISM, First edition August 2011, For Free Distribution Only, Web

2) The Gospel of the GURU GRANTH SAHIB by DUNCAN GREENLEES.  ISBN 81-7096-528-4 (Paperback).

3) SACRED NITNEM by HARBANS SING DOABIA,   ISBN 81-7205-095-X (Paperback).

4) Guru Nanak Dev and His Teachings by SAHIB SING,  1969.

5) Thus Sayeth Gurbani by PRITAL SINGH,  ISBN 81-86612-23-8  (Paperback).

6) Sri Guru Granth Sahib (The Holy GRANTH) (English Version) International Edition v1, v2, v3, v4. by Dr. GOPAL SING, MA, Ph,D.

These Holy Books are all to be classed as BRAW BOOKS.

A message to my Financial Controllers,

I would also like to establish, open a Glasgow GURDWARA (Guru,s Gate) with a LANGAR (Kitchen) able to feed a 1000 or more people a day with a free, Hot, Filling and Healthy meal every day of the year. This does not need to be a new building but an old School or Government building could be converted for purpose. This should be styled round the English speaking Canadian SIKH,S GURDWARA,S. At a later date I would also like to open a similar GURDWARA in EDINBURGH also SCOTLAND. If one or even the two of these planned GURDWARA,S are to be established then I would like to see ALL of the clear perspex cover writings in English about the History of The SIKH GURU,S (Prophets) that are fixed to the new CENTRAL GURDWARA walls here in Glasgow to be replicated in both of these planned SIKH GURDWARA,S === I would also like to see additional perspex covered writtings telling us about the 3 HOLOCAUSTS that the SIKH People lived and died through especially the Horrific 1984 HOLOCAUST in INDIA. I would also, also like to see State of The Art Petrol or Diesel Electricity Generators installed in both of these planned HOLY BUILDINGS with at least a two years supply of Petrol or Diesal and essential food stuff and water stored in each of these two planned GURDWARA,S.   muhammad/ronnie.