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profile: The Way Of RASOB.

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The Way Of RASOB.

 Thur, 31-Oct-2019, 7.30pm, HS.

1) Members Of RASOB Could  Meet On A Sunday Morning At 11.00am In Their Own Homes And Read And Recite Surahs And The Explanations From The Main Book Of RASOB Which Is The Meaning Of THE HOLY QURAN Which Is The Best English Translation Of THE HOLY QURAN By ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI 1872-1953 AC. This Could Be Done For 30 Min To 1 Hour Then Before The Holy Meeting Finishes The Members Could Sit Down To A Cup Of Water Or Tea Or Coffee And Biscuits To Break The Sunday Morning Fast If You Want To Fast On A Sunday Morning Before The RASOB Service. 

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Prophet Handsome Muhammad The Meek.

To ALLAH The Glory And The Victory.