MUSIC For The Masses By TRUE GURU A Glasgow Cowboy.

Portfolio: 10) New Song For GOD 15.

Music with a message.

 A new song for GOD 15, to the tune of JERRY RAFFERTY song BAKER STREET.

New song Title === GOVAN CROSS.

V1     Winding your way down to GOVAN CROSS buggered in your head and dead on your feet, 

          Well it,s just another day and you wish you could drink the day away and forget about everything.

V2     This City Ghetto makes you feel so old, it,s got a murderous genocidal past  and a damned soul

           and it,s taken you so long to find out you were wrong when you thought it held everything.

C1     You used to think it was so easy, you used to say it was so easy but your trying, your trying now.

           Another year and then you,ll be happy, just one more year and then you,ll be happy

           But your crying, your crying now.

V3      Way down the street there is a light on in Hawa,s place,

          she opens the door, she,s got that look on her face.

          And she asks you where you,ve been

          You tell her what you,ve seen and talk about anything,

          You,ve got this dream about buying some land

          Your gonna give up the booze and the one night stands

          And then settle down in some quiet little town and forget about everything.

V4     But you know you,ll always keep moving, you know your never gonna stop moving

         Your heels rolling, your a rolling stone.

         And when you wake up it,s a new morning, The sun is shining, it,s a new morning

         And your going, Your going home.

Some words and all the music by JERRY RAFFERTY, 1978, CITY TO CITY album.  

Rewrite, ronnie,s Music with a message, Dec 2022, HSDH Glasgow Scotland.