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Thur, 18-Jan-2018, 9.00pm, HS.

Good evening, I went for my 3 monthly check up today and the nurse said I was fine, I gave another blood sample and I have to go for another non urgent scan but I am alright and so I will just get on with it ODAAT. Please do not worry about me, we are all in JEHOVAH,s hands especially me HIS choosen one. The Creator JEHOVAH is The Cause of All Causes, HE either causes it to happen or HE lets it happen, HE either makes you do it or HE lets you do it,

There lives a Master in the hearts of men Maketh their deeds, by subtle pulling-strings, Dance to what tune He will, With all thy soul Trust Him, and take Him for thy succour, Prince.          From the Bhagavad Gita.

no one can fathom the wisdom of The Creator JEHOVAH The One True and Only God.

Good Bye for now.




Tue, 16-Jan-2018, 9.00pm, HS.

Good evening, every thing here is going fine and we are getting on with it ODAAT, All praise and glory to The Creator JEHOVAH.

A message to my Financial Controllers there is a young Sikh man Jasbir Singh who is dieing and will die very soon if he does not get an urgent Hole In The Heart Operation, they have raised £4,325 and they need to get £7,500, I would like to donate all the sum of money required to this very worthy cause freely and unconditionally. If it gets your approval I would like to see this, seva, done as soon as possible.

HSBC AC Name GURU NANAK SAHARA   A/C No. 0508 4628   Sort Code 40 11 18

Or call 0121 551 1001.

On Thursday I go to hospital for my 3 monthly check up for my Prostate Cancer and Liver Disease diagnosises, I am feeling well and I am showing very few symptoms of both illness yet, we are all in the highly capable hands of the All Wise JEHOVAH ODAAT and I hope to see many, many, many people rot in Hell where they belong before I go to paradise to be with my God JEHOVAH.

All The Best and may The One True and Only God JEHOVAH The Creator and Great Forgiver go with you.