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Fri, Apr-17th-2020, 5.15pm, HS.

Good afternoon Good People especially THE MEEK.

This is a message to all members of RASOB, The Religious Anonymous Society Of Believers which is part of The Universal Anonymous Fellowship Of THE HOLY MEEK.

There are no do,s and donts or sins in TIMJAS, RASOB or GOa, RAMADAN 2020 begins on the evening of Thursday the 23th April, depending on the sighting of the moon and it ends on Sat, 23rd May. I will be completing RAMADAN, my 6th, because I believe it is the right thing for me to do and I also believe I will be pleasing ALLAH by completing it, I also consider myself to be a Follower of ALI and Auylulbayt, a SHIA Muslim as well as being the originator and founding member of RASOB. You as a member of RASOB should do what you think best on the subject of RAMADAN. (The first time is not easy but it is worth completing it you will be Glorifying GOD and it teaches you self-restraint). Read SURAH 2 V183, V184, V185, V186, V187. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare For RAMADAN 2020.

Yours as sincerely as I can be,

Comrade Handsome Muhammad THE MEEK.

I Am Also, Perhaps, THE MUHDI, ALLAH Alone Knows.



Sun, 22-Mar-2020, 3.30am, HS.

Good Morning Good People Especially THE MEEK,

It is my belief that at this moment in time there is a Civil War taking place in England and also Britain may also have been invaded about 2 weeks ago by an International, Multi National Revolutionary Communist Army Of Liberation, Time will tell. It is also my believe that the Electricity National Grid will fail anytime soon and we will be left with no electricity for a lengthy perhaps perminant period. Again Time will tell, we are all in GODS Highly Capable Hands ODAAT. To GOD All The Glory And All The Victories.

Goodbye For Now.

Comrade Handsome Muhammad THE MEEK.