MUSIC For The Masses By TRUE GURU A Glasgow Cowboy.

Portfolio: muhammad/ronnie,s Weekly Message 50.

Tue, 27-Feb-2024, 2.45am, HSDH

Hi People,

Everything is going ok here, I am just taking it, as always, ODAAT. I am well and Hawa is also well, praise GOD.

I am still listening to a lot of DYLAN and just enjoying it. I see, in the future, some great new rewritten DYLAN songs as well as my own compositions and music of my own making - Who Knows - GOD Knows and that FACT will do me just fine.

WE ALL MUST HAVE THE PATIENCE TO AWAIT THE PROCESS OF THE OUTWORKING OF THE WILL OF GOD. Everything is GOD,S Will even Climate Change, HE either makes you do it or HE lets you do it, HE either makes it happen or HE lets it happen to further The Story and this is The Greatest Story Ever Told === The Story Of The Human Race This Time Around.


Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called The Children of GOD (THB Mathew 5 v5 and v9).

The MEEK are The Peacemakers, The Children of GOD.

A MEEK sees the whole Human Race as One - We are all Some Mothers Son, Some Mothers Daughter and we all have a Mammie and Daddy who we will never forget as long as we live and Beyond in The Great Beyond.

The MEEK Khalsa, The MEEK Pure Shall Rule The World.

MEEKISM (The Path) Is The Best.

Please spread The MEEK Message, ODAAT Pass It On.

Fraternally Yours in MEEK Fellowship.

RANGERS Till I Die and Beyond in The Great Beyond.

I Do Not Want To Win and I Do Not Want To See You Loose.

I Wish You All No Harm.

To GOD and RANGERS FC All The Glory.

Goodbye For Now,