MUSIC For The Masses By TRUE GURU A Glasgow Cowboy.

Portfolio: 7) New Song For GOD 13.

A love song for Hawa.

 New song to the tune of 1973? Judy Collins song SEND IN THE CLOWNS (Basic Melody).

New song title - HERE WE GO AGAIN.

              V1)  Here we go again

                      Here we go again

                      Oh what a fool I am

                      Of this I am sure

                     But here we go again

             V2)  I hope and pray

                     I hope and pray

                     It wont be like the last time

                     Or time before that

                     So here we go again

            V3)   I am such a fool I am

                     Oh what a fool I am

                     But this time I am sure

                     So here we go again

            V4)   She brightens up my day

                     She brightens up my day

                     She is the sun shine in my day

                     She is the moon light in my night

                     She seems so right

            V5)   I will get it right this time

                     Of this I am sure

                     Of this I am also sure

                     Love Conquers All.

      Words and music by - ronnie, feb 2022, HSDH. 

       For OUR GOD and Hawa.