MUSIC For The Masses by TRUE GURU a Glasgow Cowboy.

Portfolio: 6) New Song For GOD 12.

 I want to be a HIP HOP/RAP Singer/Songwriter/Performer PAWN STAR very, VERY STRICTLY ONLY ON THIS WEB SITE - TRUE GURU The Next and Last Big Thing, TO OUR GOD ALL THE GLORY.

I am only JUST STARTING OFF and OUR GOD knows Just How Far Down The HIP HOP/RAP Line I will go and that FACT will do me just fine.

This is a song I have been working off and on for 8 years - NO KIDDING.

A new song to the tune of the Band PULP/JARVIS COCKER,S === COMMON PEOPLE.

New Song Title === COMMON PEOPLE The Glasgow Version.

V1,     She came from GOVAN - She had a thirst for knowledge

           She studied nursing at  CALLIE COLLEGE thats where I caught her eye

           She told me her Dad was a Drunken Pig

           I just said fine so was mine and in 30 seconds time She said

           I dont want to live like Common People

           I dont want to do what all Common People seem to do

           I dont want to sleep with Common People

           I dont want to sleep with Common People like you

           Well what else could I do, I just said

           Hold on Doll lets see what we can do

V2      I took her to The BARROWS MARKET

           I dont know why but we had to start it somewhere so it started there

           She said, Are you pretending you have got no money

           I just laughed and said, Oh my you are so funny

           But She did not understand, so I just smiled and held her hand

V3      I said, we could rent a flat above a shop - you could cut your hair and get a job

           smoke some fags and play some pool, pretend we never went to school

           But I knew she would never get it right, she would just never lie in bed at night watching me climb the walls

          She would simply call her dad and he would stop it all

V4     She does not want to live like common people

          She will never do what all common people seem to do

          She will never fail like common people

          She will never watch her life just slide out of view

          because she does not want to dance, drink and screw because she will always find better things to do.

         MORE SOON, THATS ALL FOR TODAY FOLKS.  thur, feb-3-2022, HSDH.

          TRUE GURU - Jan-19-2022 - HSDH.