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Portfolio: A message to The Union Bears Society.

Mon, 10-July-2023, 11.10pm, HSDH.

I would like to donate, freely and unconditionally, my entire RANGERS FC Portfolio to The RANGERS FC UNION BEARS Society. Should The UNION BEARS Society take up or not take up this offer then I still plan to further help RANGERS FC financially over the coming Football seasons no matter what just as long as I am still financially sound.   

Yours Sincerely

Muhammad Ali Hart.

Sun, Aug-20-2023, 5.30pm, HSDH.

It would seem that no one wants to talk to me but this offer to the RANGERS FC Union Bears Society still stands and if they want to get the Legal Paperwork made up I will sign it no problem. If they decide that they would like to take me up on my donation/offer then I will willingly pay all of their honest legal fees but I will most definitely not be paying the current RANGER FC Directors or anyone elses legal fees if they so choose to contest this freely and unconditionally given offer/donation I am making to the said RANGERS FC Union Bears Society. they know where I live, no 29, 1/1, G31 2LD.


Yours Sincerely,

muhammad/ronnie (of sound mind and just as sane as any of you and most probably a lot more pious and also a lot saner than many, many of you who are just GODless Football Fanatics also you do not know My Story, you think you know My Story but you most certainly do not).

 Fri, Sept-22-2023, 8.00pm, HSDH. I renounce on this offer I have made to The Union Bears Society for personal reasons. I will still be helping RANGERS FC financially for as long as I am still financially sound.  Muhammad Ali Hart.

Tue,  Oct-3-2023, 12.45pm,HSDH. Union Bears u had u,re One Big Chance and u Blew It because of misguided Bigoted Hatred, read THQ Surah 108 v3. 2 days ago Mr Struth appeared to me in a vision, he had a big grin on his face and he gave me The Thumbs Up Sign. Money Talks and Bullshit Walks.