MUSIC For The Masses By TRUE GURU A Glasgow Cowboy.

Portfolio: A message to THE GREEN BRIGADE.

Hail Hail.

 In memory of my late mammie MARY HUNTER HART 1917-2010 who always was a devout Catholic woman and all my good old catholic pals, men and wummin, who are constantly in my thoughts I would like to offer you a free Drinks and Buffy Party in an Hotel anywhere in Glasgow for you and your woman and children folk. I will, freely and unconditionally, pay for the hire of the Hall, the first 8 rounds of drinks,  a Buffy, A DJ, a Photographer and free Private Hire Taxi,s there and back for you all. This offer is being made at the discretion and say of my Financial Controllers who best know the state of my finances but if I can (only to please the one, true and only GOD) give mega, Mega, MEGA BUCKS of my own money to Thankless and Speechless RANGERS FC then I should be able to make this megre offer to The GREEN BRIGADE Society of CELTIC FC.

Anyway if it is given the OK then I hope you all have a good, memorable PARTY - Hail Hail.

Muhammad Ali Hart,

Paddie RANGERS Ronnie,

The Blue Saviour.